Is Your Lawnmower Out to Get You?
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Is Your Lawnmower Out to Get You?

How can you be sure that you will be safe next time you go to mow your lawn? Is your lawnmower harmless or psychotic? Find out here!

Question 1:   Ok, so when you first got your lawnmower, how well did it settle in?
Awwww, Toby settled in just fine, thanks
Er..... fine... I think (why are you asking me this?)
The first night I got it it switched itself on in the night... I'm now haunted by the thought of what it might do next

Question 2:   Where do you keep your lawnmower?
At the back of the garage. Behind a load of stuff. Don't want it breaking out
In the shed. Along with all my other gardening tools. Where else would I keep it?
Toby lives in my house, and he sleeps in my bedroom

Question 3:   Describe the condition your lawnmower is in
It's a bit rusty, I don't like to go near him unless I absolutely have to
He's as good as new. I polish him every day, it helps us to bond...
Fairy good condition I guess

Question 4:   Describe the condition your lawn is in
Ok, I guess... few weeds
It's a real mess, totally overgrown... I don't like to have to use my lawnmower for fear of what it might do to me
Perfectly trimmed by the brilliant Toby

Question 5:   When you enter the room where your lawnmower is kept, do you hear any strange noises?
Only a purr of contentment....
I could have sworn I've heard growling noises coming from the corner where the lawnmower is kept
No... maybe a mouse or two

Question 6:   When you mow the lawn, is your lawnmower easy to handle?
Just like every other lawnmower... there's not much difference, right?
Like a dream....
My gardener handed in his notice because he couldn't face such an ordeal as mowing the lawn a second time

Question 7:   The animal your lawnmower is most like?
A cute little kitten
A wild, snarling lion
How can a lawnmower be like an animal?

Question 8:   Are you woken up at night by scary noises you just can't explain?
Sometimes I'm sure I can hear a cat, although I don't keep cats
Yeah, all the time! The noises vary, sometimes I hear growls, sometimes it's more like a shriek

Question 9:   When your lawnmower sees another lawnmower, how does it react?
If it's someone he knows, he's keen to go and say hi, but if it's someone new he likes to stay near me until they're introduced
I can feel it trying to break free, the lawnmowers are forming a conspiracy against me, I think they're trying to take over my house
Will you stop attributing human characteristics to a piece of machinery?

Question 10:   How would YOU describe your relationship with your lawnmower?
It cuts the grass... what more is there to it than that?
I hate it, it hates me
Perfect, a match made in heaven

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