Is your blanket out to get you?
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Is your blanket out to get you?

Take this test to find out

Question 1:   Do you think your blanket is out to get you?
Yeah dummy! That's why I'm taking this test
I'm not sure maybe
No what am I? A psycho

Question 2:   When you wake up in the middle of the night do you ever feel like your blanket is squeezing you, like it's trying to suffocate you?
Yeah, that happens all the time
Every once in a while
Never! My blanket would never do that to me!

Question 3:   Say you leave your blanket in one spot then leave for a minute. When you come back is your blanket in a different spot?
Oh yeah! I'm telling you, my blanket is plotting against me.
Yeah but only because the dog picked it up or something
How many times do I have to tell you? My blanket is a good blanket!

Question 4:   Has your blanket ever plotted against you before?
All the time. It's almost becoming a normal routine.
It's happened a few times.

Question 5:   When you’re cuddling with your blanket on a cold day, do you ever feel like its watching you?
Heck yeah! My blanket's eyes are on me 24/7.
There have been times, but no, not really
What are you talking about. My blanket would never do that.

Question 6:   Has your blanket ever disappeared for a while then just randomly turns up somewhere in the house?
Yeah, I think it went out and got weapons to use against me.
It disappeared once, but it turned out to be in my sister's room while she was taking a nap. Maybe it's out to get her too!

Question 7:   Do you love your blanket?
What does that have to do with the fact that my blanket might be out to get me?
Yeah I guess, but I gotta tell you, it scares me sometimes
Yes, I'm in love with my blanket

Question 8:   Does your blanket love you?
well, judging by the fact that it's out to get me, I'd say no, my blanket doesn't love me
I have no clue.
Of course my blanket loves me

Question 9:   Has your blanket ever physically attacked you?
*pauses for a minute* Yes
I think it attempted to once

Question 10:   And last but certainly not least, does your blanket know you’re taking this test?
No, but I think it's on to me
Hopefully not
Yeah! I can tell my blanket anything

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