Do you deserve a phone?

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    How much would/do you use your phone?

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12 days ago
I am right now at the end of fourth grade,And asked my dad for a phone,Any type of phone for my 11th birthday.He said i could get a new ipod touch like the one my sister got when she was 11.My dad said once we turn 14 he will get a real phone.I am happy i'm getting a type of phone and i am grateful for such nice parents :D
12 days ago
My result:Let me think, well, I don't think you should have a phone just yet. Maybe wait until you are 13 or 14 or something.

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41 days ago
It said I should get a phone when I'm 13 or 14 but I'm 15.
46 days ago
I have an iPhone 7 and it’s my dad’s old one. It works alr but I don’t have a sim. I’m 11 going on 12 in 4 months. My mum said I can get a sim when I go up toy next school and I wanna get a new phone along with that. I have enough money in my back account for it so I might pay with my own money but I think the average age of getting a phone is 10. I don’t think u should get TikTok or insta until you are 11 or 12 and Facebook until you are 12-13. Dubsmash (an app like TikTok) probs not til ur abt 13-14 bc u can’t have a priv acc ok there, I got loads of people adding me on snap when I got it. So yeah, there’s some advice for you. Also, don’t go on ur phone when ur not supposed to bc trust me, I have and it didn’t end well.
70 days ago
So I am 10 years old but idk if I am talking with bots right now if I am not talking it’s bots say I am not a bot thx but my mom said I am responsible for a phone my brothers are against the phone thing but one reason I want a phone is I feel kinda like an outcast cause most of my friends have phones one of my friends freaking has 5 phones like bruh but idc what phone I get sorry I am really emotional and angry right now cause my brother is in the hospital but idc what phone I have well byee
72 days ago
i have a phone. i actaully have two a iPhone 7 plus & iPhone se 2020 . but for some reason my parents keep taking my phones away idk what im doing wrong at this point.. but im 12 going on 13. i've had a phone pretty much all my life expect for when i was a baby duhh. but to this day i dont have my phone due to strict parents. but soon hopefully i get it back!! but some advice for those who dont have a phone is to focus on yourself & not care what ppl have to say or social media dont listen to ppl when they say i wont expose your pictures or anything & stay in your age group dont talk to anyone outta that age group please im telling you this is help you i went throught alot & stiil am going through alot & now have to go to court bc of this but please stay safe
73 days ago
i have wanted a phone FOREVER i am 12 and my 11 year old cousin just got the iphone 12. i’m pretty jealous. anyways, i have a phone right now, but it’s c.rap! it’s the size of a credit card if you want a comparison. it’s battery lasts about 30 minutes and i hate it. i think i’m getting a phone soon because my grandpa is giving me his old one which is a 7. honestly i’m more grateful to have an apple iphone even if it’s only a 7. to all the people out there who don’t have a phone and are annoyed with their parents because of it, just wait i promise u will be soooo excited when u get one and i feel your suffering lol i have had this trashy phone for 2 years lol.(
91 days ago
Now pretty much you have to get a phone just so you know what people are talking about. My friends were like asking me questions like 'what's your aethestic' and 'which is your vibe' and and once my friend made me do this dice roll thing from tik tok and I felt so embarrassed because I didn't know how to do it. I'm at a new school this year and I just want to fit in but because I don't have a phone I'm not going to fit in. I don't know ANYONE my age that does not have a phone except for me. :(

And for all you people in the comments below I feel SO MUCH sympathy for you.
95 days ago
It says I should wait till I'm 13 or 14... I'm 13 years old so I'm pretty sure I should get one.
122 days ago
And I also feel left out of everything because their this game called among us and my friends tell m e if I wanna play with them but I feel upset
122 days ago
I got 8/ 10 questions right I am 10 and my mom said I can get one so I think I can get one on my birthday but I don’t care about what phone I get I just want one so if I need help or an emergency happens and most of my friends got phones but I don’t know I just want one
144 days ago
im 12 turning 13 in 2 months and all my friends have phones and when we went to the mall we sat at a table and they were on there phones and I was just sitting there. I asked my parent and there said I wasn't getting a phone for 6 months cause I got the MacBook Air for school and I don't understand money lately I have been crying my self to sleep cause I feel so left out I hate it and cause I go to a private school all the girls (its an all girls school) have iPhone 11 and XR and 8. all I want is a second hand iPhone 6 or 7 I have found ones for $180 but its to expensive
154 days ago
its says i should wait for an iphone till im 13 or 14 oh well i can wait a few years anyway!
197 days ago
It says i dont deserve a phone. Well too bad cause i have one and i wont give it away, I currently have the iphone 8 and this month im either getting a iphone 8 plus or the 12.
222 days ago
And if youŕe wondering how I already have the iPhone 12 pro max already, my dad works for the Apple company so BOOM. Iḿ spoiled.
222 days ago
Iḿ 13 and I have the iPhone 12 Pro Max, an Apple Watch, and Airpod Proś. This quiz said I shouldn't have a phone till I'm 17.
234 days ago
eveybody has one i just feel left ou of everything
238 days ago
sooo, did anyone read the date it was developed and updated? because this was made in 2014 and updated in 2015! ( i feel like this is a trend but im 10 )
246 days ago
my score was 8 out of deserve a phone..duhh..wish my parents made this quiz
and I'm 17 no jk,, so chill who r under 17 yet in here,,, have patience u'll get one soon,, just don't misbehave with ur parents as I did,, it worsens the situation
249 days ago
its said i deserve one- im 13 so uh.