What Do People Hate About You?
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What Do People Hate About You?

So, you've been taking Personality Tests saying "oh, you have such a good sense of humor and your spirituality is really in tune." WELL THAT'S NOT WHAT YOU GET IN THIS TEST!!! NO CRAP, NO NICENESS! And that's what we call the truth.

Question 1:Your friend has a huge cornfield. You and your friends visit him and start walking around. That's when your friend shows you the crop sign burnt in the field. You....
Whip out a science book and start investigating the phenomenon.
Decorate the crop sign with piles of your fisces.
Stay in the cornfield. No point getting close to an open space.
Say "Oh my God! The aliens are making me take off my shirt!" and enforce it yourself.
Are in denial and call your friend a loser hick trying to get on the news.

Question 2:Well, you stay in the crop sign as it nears night time. For fun, you talk your friends into...
having a discussion about operas
not sitting on the dirt. Your pants will get dirty! Ewwww!
eating the dirt
Going into a mental hospital for believing this is a sign from extraterrestrials.

Question 3:Your friend brings out some sleeping bags. You...
Set up a tent.
Play with the dirt on the side of your sleeping bag.
Pee in some of them before they notice.
Hide from your friends in the comfort that is... the bag.
Complain. It's King Size mattress for you.

Question 4:Anyway, you're all fast asleep. A HUMMM stirs you awake. A bright light shines down on the crop circle and sucks you up. You...
Scream. The light is tearing off your nail polish!!!!
Say, still tired, "Hey, guy, take the flashlight off my face and set me down...."
Spit on the people hovering below your sleeping bag.
Are happy your wishes came true.

Question 5:You're in a circular room, totally white. Your first reaction is...
thinking... Why aren't I in a darker room? Those are better.
"Oh my God! I wish this was my bedroom! This better have a phone jack."
fascination. The room is a PERFECT circle.
Expressing your hate towards the color by licking the walls.
Laughing at your friends for playing such a stupid joke.

Question 6:Aliens walk in. They drag off one of your friends as she screams in despair. You...
Wish you were an alien.
Cry, scream, and throw pennies at the aliens (which unfortunately hit the girl. Oh well.)
Hope they don't hurt her.
"WOW! Where'd you get such cool costumes?"
Ask the aliens at last minute if they masturbate.

Question 7:Your friend doesn't come back. The aliens do. They whisk you away. You...
hope they don't rearrange you worse than you already are.
Notice they have a good grip. Must be a football player from your school.
Bite and spit and pee to ward them off.
Scream and kick.
"Be careful with my tube top cause it's a Tommy Hilfiger, okay?"

Question 8:They put you in a sphere that begins levitating you. Various probes whisk by you. You...
Decide it's gone too far. Kidnapping you is one thing, but you will NOT get probed.
"Do you guys have a cure for acne?"
Pee on the robotical instruments. That'll slow down their circuts.
Realize the probes could be used as hair curlers. Cause they're kind of warm...
Pee yourself screaming "NOT MY ANUS!!! ANYTHING BUT MY ANUS!!!!"

Question 9:After your probe, they try to put you in a tube. You...
Cry more.
Scream hysterically and yell "WHY DID YOU TOUCH MY GUCCI BAG?!"
Scare them bye rolling your eyes back and hissing.
KNOW that your urine will disentegrate the aliens, because snails dissolve touching salt, and your pee tastes pretty salty.
Bite the alien. No one gets away with putting a ten inch stick up my ass!

Question 10:The aliens take your action as a threat and back away. They place you and your friends back in the crop circle. You yell....
"Great joke. Let's go back to sleep."

This Quiz has been designed by Oscar Ruso.