What kind of alternamommy are you?
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What kind of alternamommy are you?

Are you the weird mom? The one all the other mothers look at askance? Well, why not pigeonhole yourself into the category within a category?

Question 1:You go to pick up your kid from school. What are you wearing?
Flare jeans, a flowing top, and my Birkenstocks.
Ripped jeans, a tight t-shirt over another tight t-shirt, and my docs.
Black. All black, except for the bright red streaks in my hair.
A short plaid skirt over clashing plaid tights, and some clunky Oxfords.
A sleeveless top, snowpants, and a clown wig. Why not?

Question 2:Where are you pierced?
I am not pierced. I like to keep it natural.
Where am I not pierced?
Eyebrow or nose, and navel.
My tongue.
I only go for experimental new piercings. Like the back of the neck.

Question 3:What would you be most likely to have tattooed on your lower back (apart from your child's name)?
A lemur. They are fuzzy.
A black rose. Elegant, but not wussy.
I wouldn't get a tattoo, probably, but if I did, it would be a picture of the Earth.
Some sort of all black tribal symbol. I love the way they look.
I would want an intricate illustration from an old copy of Alice in Wonderland.

Question 4:What cause do you get behind the most?
The environment.
Religious freedom.
I am not too into causes. I guess I just wish everyone would leave each other alone.
I am my own cause.
Women's rights.

Question 5:Which onesie slogan is the one for your infant?
Anarchy in the Pre-K!
100% breastfed
My mother wears combat boots.
Can't sleep...clowns will eat me!

Question 6:What would you name your child?
George - boy or girl!
Moonunit. I love Frank Zappa!

Question 7:What holidays do you celebrate?
I make them up as I go along.
We celebrate old holidays based on the seasons.
Every day is a celebration, but we celebrate the different seasons specially.
I am not big on holidays, but I do all the traditional ones for the kids.
Whatever gets me off work.

Question 8:Imagine your dream wedding gown. What does it look like? (Yeah, I know...but so many of the weird moms I know had cool wedding gowns!)
Deep red velvet, with black trim. and a tight corset.
Two piece, casual, and really sexy.
A strappy green dress that falls to just above the knee.
Pink fur.
Gorgeous flowing gown in my favorite color that drapes just right.

Question 9:Where do you want to live?
Paris. Those catacombs sound wild.
Finland. They have really progressive laws there.
Why all these Western locales? Anywhere exotic.
San Francisco. I love all the great vegetarian restaurants!
Venice Beach, California. I'd fit in there.

Question 10:Your child is the only one in her preschool to...
protest the use of animals as food at snack.
sing "They're Coming to Take Me Away Ha Ha" at the top of her lungs.
hex the teacher.
insist that she be called "Ms." by the boys.

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