Which computer game are you from?
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Which computer game are you from?

What if computers rule the world? What if we all originate from computer games...? Wouldn't you want to know if it was a good game or a shit game, or one with really terrible graphics?

Question 1:What is your favourite passtime?
Relaxing at home, pampering myself.
Minding my own business, going about my normal life... although sometimes it feels like someone is watching...
Killing stuff.
I don't usually get time to myself, there's always SOMETHING going wrong.
Making lame jokes and drooling over women.

Question 2:What are you most likely to hear yourself say?
"Don't you think you've seen enough...?"
"What the hell is going on?"
"Die, bitch, die!"
"Kaduma! Batanamadoo!"
"Lucky, son a bitch."

Question 3:How do you treat your friends?
I don't like depending on people so I don't see very much of my friends. I'm a bit too busy.
I try not to get attached and I try to stay cool, but as they die, I'm more than likely to scream their name pathetically. Eg, "RICHARD!!!"
I don't need friends, I have my women.
I give them gifts, I hug them, I invite them for dinner, just the simple little things so we stay friends. I need friends.
I don't shoot them, if THAT's what you been...

Question 4:How do you dress?
Nothing interesting, something plan and comfortable that I can run around in, should I feel the need.
Tight clothes... to show off my muscles.
Dress? Even that is an overstatement, you are lucky to see me wearing anything.
However I feel, I can always change them.
In my team colours!!

Question 5:What do you fear?
Getting diseased and dying.
My simple life becoming more complex. My partner not liking a romantic kiss.
No women anywhere...
Losing, I hate losing.

Question 6:What makes you happy?
Stealing cool stuff.
Leaving behind all those creepy freaks and starting a new life.
Being fed, taking a shower, sleeping, hanging around with friends.
Beating everyone else.

Question 7:What music do you like?
Anything that isn't suspenseful... and that indicates I'm going to die.
Something angry.
Something simple, what's in fashion, what the friends are listening too.

Question 8:What's your favourite colour?
Blood red.
Khaki, or sexy leather black.
Plain blue.
Bikini pink.

Question 9:Which of the following are you most likely to have a nightmare about?
Being killed by my rivals.
Not being happy.
No women around me...

Question 10:Finally, if you could have one wish, what would it be?
That I was skilled in everything and always happy, and had heaps of friends.
That rotting freaks would leave me alone.
That I was the most loved man in the world.
That I could gain any power I chose.
That people noticed me for being great.

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