How well do you know washroom etiquette?
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How well do you know washroom etiquette?

Answer the following questions with your general knowledge of toilet manners. You will be scored and graded on how polite a potty- goer you are.

Question 1:When in a public bathroom do you... a gentle summer bee
play with the toilet paper roll...if you sound busy enough they'll leave you alone. the top of your lungs, I shouldn't be able to hear the toilet flush.
remain utterly silent...maybe they'll just think you're a drippy faucet.
chat to yourself... there's safety in numbers.

Question 2:When checking to see if a stall is occupied you...
run at the door and slam it with your foot...even if anyone's inside they'll likely give you the stall.
stand back and inconspicuously look for feet.
jump up and down to get a glimpse over the door
go into another empty stall and look over the dividers.
put your head under any suspicious doors and ask "is anybody home?"

Question 3:How do you like your crackers?
stale...they're crispier that way
heated with cheese
stacked high with olives, salami and pickles
in a box
In your belly....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Question 4:When you run out of toilet paper you...
Say, "oh well I don't really need it anyways"
Politely ask your unsuspecting stall neighbour.
crawl around the floor, pants about your ankles looking for leftovers
Don't panic, no one will notice a wet spot on your shirtsleeve.
frantically search your purse for tissue or an old receipt.

Question 5:How do pickles appeal to you?, what are they?
I love them, I carry them everywhere.
does pickle ice cream tell you anything?
My first born's name was Dill.
Almost as attractive as horse manure mixed with carcasses left rotting in the sun for a month

Question 6:Your favourite method of hand washing...
a thorough scrub with your personal antibacterial handsoap you carry everywhere
a quick rinse... no soap involved
skip the water, a whole soap bath is sufficient
do public washrooms have sinks????
Flushing has dual purposes you know!..

Question 7:You sleep...
all the time, everywhere, particularly standing.
usually only in English class
under the a tent!
in the closet, with the monsters
never...sleep is for the tired.

Question 8:Your hand drying methods include...
why dry when you don't wash?
a full 30 minutes under the hand dryer should be enough
a good wipe on the back of your pants.
why use my pants? A friend's shirt is good....
politely take a small portion of paper towel...we're trying to save trees here!

Question 9:How would you describe your present hair situation?
we're currently not on speaking terms.
I have no hair to be situated with.
who me? Why I'm the glamour queen of hair of course.
It's trying to escape my scalp I think.
if you don't punish it, it will never learn.....

Question 10:When leaving the bathroom you...
Weep, tear your clothes and kiss the ground on the way out.
tip the doorman.
slam the door and scream "If that's the way you're going to be than I'm leaving!"
wait until someone enters so you don't have to touch the germy doorhandle
leave quickly and quietly, they'll never know you were there.

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