How likely are you to trip over your front doorstep?
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How likely are you to trip over your front doorstep?

Ever wondered? Well now you'll know whether or not to look out for it...

Question 1:What number is on your front door?
Can't remember.
Don't have one.
more that 100

Question 2:What colour is your front door?
Don't know.
Blue, red, yellow or green.
Wooden or white

Question 3:Do you have a front door step?
Can't remember.

Question 4:Do you often leave your laces undone on your shoes?
I buy shoes without laces on purpose so that I don't trip over them.
Laces? I didn't know you were supposed to tie them?
I don't have laces.
I always tie them with a double knot.

Question 5:Have you ever walked into a lamp post?
I do it all the time. It's funny!
I try my best to avoid it.
Once or twice.

Question 6:What is/was your favourite subject at school?
Maths or Science.
I always try(ied) to avoid school.
Art or English.

Question 7:What is your favourite colour?
Hues of the Ocean
Pastel colours
Autumnal Shades

Question 8:Do you do up your coat if it's cold, even though that is unfashionable?
Of Course.
Depends HOW cold.
Not if anyone will see me.

Question 9:Which season do you prefer?

Question 10:Which one is you?
0-5 or 60-100 - male or female
18-40 female
5-18 male or female
18-40 male

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