What part would YOU play in a rock/punk/grunge/metal band?
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What part would YOU play in a rock/punk/grunge/metal band?

Ever wondered about being in a rock/punk/grunge/metal/alternative band? Ever thought if you should be playing a different instrument? Or what instrument or role you would play in a band? Want to join my band **looks hopeful** ok maybe not, but try this anyway!

Question 1:Are you in a band?
I sing, but not for a band
Last time I checked...
I want to be

Question 2:What instrument can you currently play?
Guitar (lead/rhythm)
Uhhh...nothing...I have no talent...
Uhh...I can sing a bit...does that count?

Question 3:Which of these would you be most likely to do in your free time?
Hum to myself while walking down the street...
Wear a kangaroo costume in public/organise stuff
Make more noise that the other person, but in lower pitch...
Tap my fingers on the desk, or do human beatbox type stuff...
Make lots of noise...

Question 4:In your group of friends, what kind of role do you take?
I'm normally in the forefront of conversations, but I'm not like the "leader"...
I'm kinda in the background but I'm like the one starting conversations and motivating everyone to get up and do stuff...
I'm more in the background of the group, but I make myself heard all the same!
I'm normally the on organising days out and stuff, or where we meet up. I'm not like the leader or anything though...
I'm more the leader of the group. Everyone reckons I'm the loudest, and I make myself and my opinions clearly heard!

Question 5:Which of these is the best band name?
Spider in a Glass!
Drunken Muffins!
Purple Marshmallows!
Blind Obedience!
They're all good to me, I don't normally make the decisions on these things...

Question 6:Which of these would you be LEAST LIKELY to do before or during a gig?
Gargle with sand salt and vinegar...
Puke then frazzle the amp cables...
Get drunk, puke then frazzle the amp cables...
Be very nice about how everyone did...then give them my share of all profits....(after the gig obv)
Sit on the equipment and get suck when it breaks...

Question 7:Which of the following people is most talented?
All of them
Chad Kroeger
none of them
Kurt Cobain
Dave Grohl

Question 8:Why did you take this test?
I was wondering if you needed a singer for that band you mentioned...which is a point, why have you not mentioned it since?! (voice in background spookily whispers "oh haven't I? hehehe")
For the heck of it...
been wondering if being a drummer is my true calling....
I've always wondered if I should play guitar....
No reason at all, I don't play music and I don't want to.

Question 9:What do u usually wear?
Same as the others, odd skullcap/hawaiian shirt
Stuff that makes an impression, normally a long jacket.
plain trousers/skirt. Nothing unusual.
nothing special, dark stuff. Jeans a lot.
Jeans, few chains, t-shirt...the usual.

Question 10:Finally, which of these would you most like to be?
Lead Guitarist! YEAH!
Bass! Bass! Bass! WOOHOO!
none of the others
Drummer! YEAH! DUDE! **bang bang bang bang**
Singer! YEAH! WOOOOOO! **lalalalallalalalalalaaaaaaaaaaaaallama**

This Quiz has been designed by Jenbob aka Monty the evil one in DMs hehehe.