Will you ever own a mansion?
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Will you ever own a mansion?

Sure, we'd all like to own one of these, maybe some of you even do (if so invite me over for a party soon), but are you mansion material?

Question 1:What's the first thing you would do on entering your mansion?
Eat, Eat and Eat from the jumbo fridges! YUM!
None of these, bog off.
Put music on at top volume and have a party.
Trash it!

Question 2:You choose to throw some money out of the window. How much would you throw?
All my money!
A fiver.
I wouldn't throw any in the first place.
About 1000 quid or over.

Question 3:Your friends ask to have a dip in your pool during a heatwave. What do you say?
Sure! Bring everyone you can think of!
Maybe, but only a few of you and you can't come inside.
Okay, it'll be fun!
Go buy you own pool, I've just had mine cleaned.

Question 4:What would be the most important thing to you in your mansion?
The security system.
All of it, if you're trying to get me to give some to charity.
Nothing, it would all be rubbish.
My cinema style t.v!

Question 5:You throw a party. Your best friend breaks your most valued possession. What would you do?
Tell them it doesn't matter, as long as you're still friends.
Get them to go and buy me another one and stop the party.
Tell them to trash all of it if they want, I don't care.
Yell at them until they left to buy me a new one.

Question 6:You realise all of your friends are only being nice to you to get in your mansion. What do you do?
I'd yell at them all and buy some new friends.
Never let them in again.
Let them come in and help me trash it so they could be my friends anyway.
Confront them and tell them you know what they're thinking, cackling evilly.

Question 7:The mansion's on fire and you are having a party. You escape and are only allowed to go back and save ONE thing. What do you choose?
My t.v, it's my favourite thing.
My best friend.
Nothing, I'd just dive into my pool and ignore the inferno.
My safe.

Question 8:You have to choose a member of staff to look after your mansion. Which of these would you choose?
A maid.
Anyone that will work for love and not money.
A butler.
I'd buy no one, I don't need to be clean.

Question 9:You've been showing off about your mansion and been the centre of attention when suddenly your friend gets one and starts getting the attention. What do you do?
Trash theirs.
Trash mine in a huff, of course. What's the point in having something someone else has got?
Buy theirs off them.
Visit theirs and give them tips on what to do with it.

Question 10:You lose your mansion due to debt. How do you react?
I'd be disappointed and move to a desert island with a fridge, widescreen t.v, and couch.
Accept it gracefully and buy a tent.
Go insane.
I don't care, the way I was living it was going to end up like this some day.

Question 11:What colour would your front door be?
Multi - coloured.
It'd have a picture of the world on it.

Question 12:Would you have a garage?
Yeah, and pack it with t.vs.
If next door didn't have one, yeah, to show off.
Yeah, then I'd trash it.
No, I'd use the space to plant trees for nature.

Question 13:Do you think I'm filling up space now?
No, leave me alone.
I don't care, I wanna know if I could get a mansion.
You can do whatever you want, sister, let's just live in peace. Man.
Yes, it's been obvious for a while.

Question 14:How would you get your mansion?
By winning the lottery jackpot three times.
By doing a sponsered watch tele for a year thing.
I don't really want a mansion, I dunno why I did this test.
By any means possible.

Question 15:Do you want a mansion?
Yeah, I'll wreck it! WOOHOO!!!!!
Like I just said, no. It harms wildlife.
Sure, if someone brought it to me.

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