Is the pizza delivery guy secretly plotting your demise?
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Is the pizza delivery guy secretly plotting your demise?

We see them every day, on every street corner, near every home (or in their car along the sidewalk). Pizza boys. They're harmless... or ARE they? Take this test to see if that guy from Papa Ginos is up to no good.

Question 1:Do you order pizza from food chains such as Pizza Hut, Dominoes or Pipa Gino's?
Yeah, I love pizza, pizza is my life.
Sometimes, why, do you? Are you stalking me?!
No... but it mysteriously shows up in my front yard anyway...
Don't mention pizza, I hate pizza, damn Communists!

Question 2:You're at a friends and the pizza guy shows up, what do you do?
I'm assuming pay him... why? What do you do?
Cower in fear... he wants my soul...
Dammit, they found me again?!
Cram the pizza down his pants, the little bastard!

Question 3:You go to a take-out place with your friends, where do you normally wind up going?
Pizza Hut... or somewhere else with pizza, why, is that bad?
No where, I never go anywhere, I have no friends, they may turn on me...
Burger King, but for some reason there is always a pizza guy there having lunch... why is he looking at me?
Wendy's, they are my allies against the evil forces of pizza! Bahahaha!

Question 4:You see a pizza delivery guy's car, what is your instinctive reaction?
Uh... nothing, I didn't know I was supposed to care...
Run! Cars bad! They could suddenly lose control and skid into me, it doesn't matter if they're parked with the emergency brake on.
Wonder why the hell he's blocking my driveway... are those binoculars?
Repeatedly run into the side of it and slash their tires. That'll keep them from peddling their wonder crust around!

Question 5:A friend of yours get's a job as a pizza delivery guy, what is your first reaction to their news?
Can I do a ride along?
Friends... who are these people of which you speak? The FBI?
Huh, that's my third guy-friend this week, what's up with that?
Disown him, and then later disembowel him! Bahahaha!

Question 6:Do you like bunnies?
Maybe... what does that have to do with pizza again?
Bah, flesh eating rodents, noooo!
I dunno, I see a lot of them around though, do they often live in herds?
Kill the fuzzy bastards! Kill them all!

Question 7:Upon seeing a pizza delivery guy on the street, what do you do?
Keep walking... unless I knew him or something... why?
No, not human contact, anything but that!
Gee, I keep running into those guys, they always seem to know just where I'll be, and my name and my phone number and my...
Chainsaw the fucker! Plead bitch, PLEAD!

Question 8:What would you do if I were to tell you I was a pizza delivery guy?
Say, uh, nice...
Are you watching me? Please stop (cringing in fear and crying)
Really? I thought I recognized you... are you the one at my front door or my patio door?
Gut you like a trout. Why, are you? (Glaring at the monitor suspiciously)

Question 9:Do pizza delivery guys often show up where you least expect them?
No... only when I actually call...
What, huh? No! Wait? Are they? (Running to make sure the deadbolt is locked)
Well... by least expect them, do you mean, like, the bathroom? Perhaps.
I have a snipper rifle, good luck trying to sneak past that, those little fuckers!

Question 10:Do you honestly believe that the pizza guy is plotting your demise?
No. I'm bored.
Hmmm... now that you mention it...
It doesn't matter, I've already plotted by revenge! Oh, they're crafty, but I know their ways...

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