Which Dysfunctional Daiben are You?
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Which Dysfunctional Daiben are You?

Ever wonder which member of the Daiben you are? Me either!!

Question 1:Undead are in town. Your friend comes back and just says his brother got wasted. Do you...
Smile and run off without saying a word?
Quickly grab your weapons and rush into town?
Go into town through the woods and get animated (not by the undead)?
Grab your shield and take all the Soul Destroys?
Try really hard to spell "undead" in your mind?

Question 2:There's a big stack of loot on the ground, obviously someone's pile. Do you...
Not see it and walk past it?
Stash it all and run back to your cabin?
Look at it and say, "All I need is in my little box,"?
Walk it to the Healer's Guild, thinking that material wealth has no value?
Grab your mace and run into the woods, looking for who it is?

Question 3:There are monsters. How are you attacking them?
By popping out of the woods and ending it with one hit?
Marching forward with mace and sword?
Straight up, but wait for opportune shots?
With my trusty Silverleaf, unless I'm with a certain hobbling.
Taking all the hits with my huge shield?

Question 4:Plot calls a hold, and says to check your tags. What are you pulling?
All my slays...
Dude, I pulled my body 5 minutes into the event. I play the one body game!
I've been dragging the wounded this whole time!
I never get hit! Mwuhahahaha!
All my armor...

Question 5:All of town is dead except for you. Who did it?
Greaters. (or plot)
What? I'm the only one left?
Undead...I think. Maybe. Yeah, I'm sure.

Question 6:You're trying to remember what skills you have left to kill that plot thing. What do you decide to do?
Maybe throw up some entangles, put my wall of thorns up and then sneak around and slay it...
Slay Slay Slay Slay...
Assassination time!
It didn't harm me yet, I'll leave it be.
How much armor do I have left? 400 points? I'm good.

Question 7:You swear revenge on (or have already finished your revenge on)...
Yorik, an unseelie necromancer.
All undead.
My father, a black orc.
Ryuujin, a powerful dragon (that doesn't exist).

Question 8:What weapon are you attacking with?
The feared bone dagger!
Attack? I usually just block with my shield.
My basic sword and dagger.
My grove weapons!
My Silverleaf.

Question 9:How many times do you die an event, and from what?
How ever many Soul Destroys plot throws.
Once, from greater undead.
Once or twice, from my old master.
40. 10 from geebas, 25 from the Crew, 3 from my best friend, and 2 from myself.
Maybe once, from plot.

Question 10:What do you call upon?
Necromancy, but don't tell anyone.
A big mace.

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