Are you tortured by inner demons?
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Are you tortured by inner demons?

Well, are you? What do those little voices in your head say? See if they're right, or if you're just paranoid.

Question 1:Will you die alone in the cold, dark night?
I'm not sure. I don't think about death often
No! I happen to be loved and appreciated
Well, now that you mention it, definitely yes

Question 2:Do you enjoy cooking, just for the sake of being able to handle knives?
Mmm...yes, lovely sharp knives...they cause delicious pain!
I have no idea what you're talking about, sick minded freak
I enjoy cooking for the sake of cooking itself, not the knives

Question 3:What comes to mind when you see a very fast car parked on the side of the road?
It's a nice car, so what? There are lots of nice cars out there
Ah, look: perhaps it will burst into flames with someone inside
That car is kick ass! If it were mine, I wouldn't just park it like that!

Question 4:So, at night, are you ever awakened by voices and/or sounds outside your room?
I only hear those things when it's a storm or the cat, or after watching horror films
They're everywhere! They're all coming for me, anytime now, they'll be in here!
Um, no! I go to sleep and stay asleep all night to wake up refreshed

Question 5:You see a wounded duckling in the road. What will you do?
Stop for a few minutes to try and help the poor thing, of course!
Feel sorry for it, but refuse to get involved. There are more fish in the sea
Kill it! It deserves to die! All life is depraved and sickening to me

Question 6:Crosses are...
Pretty and a symbol of God's loving grace
A religious symbol? I don't care that much
Against my every belief! They are pure evil!

Question 7:You are...
I *was* feeling pretty good today, till you came along and depressed me
My soul is tainted and dark. My blood is beautiful and should flow freely forth.
Okay. How are you?

Question 8:What is the meaning of life?
To die! Die like we were all meant to die! Life is meaningless and cruel
To fulfill your dreams and ambitions, to love and experience happiness
When I find out, I'll call you. How am I supposed to know?

Question 9:Feather, or the whole chicken?
Neither, you demented loser!
Feather, unless you'd prefer otherwise?
Heheh. Feathers fly when you kill chickens!!!

Question 10:Do *you* think that you're tortured by inner demons?
I'm perfectly normal, thanks
Hell yes! I am never truly alone...
I don't know. I don't care, either

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