Decision time!
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Decision time!

Decide what you would do in these situations (pick truthfully)

Question 1:You're out with your friend and your girl/boyfriend, when an evil mass murderer turns up with an uzi. You only have time to save one of them. You choose to..
yell every man for themselves and run off
save your girl/boyfriend. Friends can be replaced.
Save your friend. Friends don't dump you.
Try and save both of them and get yourself killed
Save one, but feel bad about losing the other and commit suicide

Question 2:After that, the nightmare you had last night comes true and some creature rudely turns up and interrupts your rest.You..
Laugh. Who would run from a tiny little spider?
Get eaten
Stand and fight
Get squashed

Question 3:You're walking down the street when you suddenly find yourself trapped on a high tower. You don't know how you got there but you must get down. You..
are afraid of heights and sit there whimpering until you die
Look around for potential enemies
Take the abseiling kit off your back and abseil down
Jump off and die
Jump off and get rescued by the creature of your worst nightmare.

Question 4:As soon as you reach the bottom a dragon is displeased that you have fallen over and broken one of its eggs and attacks you. You..
can't do anything cause you died earlier
close your eyes and wait for the end to come
Realise you have found your enemy but lost your weapon
offer yourself in place of the broken egg
Pray to God to kill the dragon.

Question 5:You are an eco-warrior. Some bad person is looking to demolish the tree in your back garden. You..
Get a band together and protest
Move house
camp in the tree
plant TNT in every JCB and put land mines around your back garden
begin protesting but get run over by a JCB.

Question 6:You have had enough of wondering whether you are going to Heaven or Hell. You decide to find out. You..
kill yourself and go to Hell
are not interested
are scared of death and decide to wait till your natural death
kill yourself and go to Heaven
mutilate yourself and get trapped on Earth

Question 7:You are going 31mph on a 30mph road when you get pulled over by a cop. You..
calmly explain that you are sorry and that it will never happen again. Then speed off at 60mph.
lie. I was going at 20 officer!!
Shoot the cop then destroy every CCTV camera in the city
lie. I was going at 30 officer!!
panic. They must have found out about your drug factory!

Question 8:The cops are onto you! You speed to your drug factory and..
sell all the drugs
shut the place down
guard the factory with your employees lives
use all the drugs on yourself
sell the factory to your worst enemy. Now if the place gets found THEY will suffer the consequences!! Hahaha!!

Question 9:Your most trusted friend grasses you up for some reason.You..
forgive them. They are your friend after all
call him a shyster
"persuade" him to change his story
torture him into insanity
persuade him to change his story

Question 10:And finally after a long day and a bunch of mysterious and unanswered questions you..
go to sleep
can't do anything because you are dead
phone a friend
panic about what might come the next day
slide your gun under your pillow and sleep, while detonating that nuke in America you left there earlier

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