Loving the Enemy...?
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Loving the Enemy...?

Take this test to see if you have feelings for one of the enemy!

Question 1:   Which one is your favorite?
A Nazgul.
An Orc.

Question 2:   You don't mind if the one you love is:
Pure evil
Between life and death

Question 3:   Is the one you love pure evil?
He was once good, so I don't know...
Oh yeah!
Very, very close
Nearly, but not quite.
It certainly seems that way.

Question 4:   Do you wish to bring comfort to him?
If he wouldn't tear my head off, yeah.
It'd be impossible.
Yes, and I think with much persuasion, it's possible.
Yeah, even though he'd probably refuse.
Yes, but I'd be too frightened to.

Question 5:   Do you suppose there's a chance of good in him?
It's highly unlikely.
A very small chance, but a chance all right.
If there's hope.
No way!
I doubt it.

Question 6:   Is he big, physically?
Hard to tell.
About the size of a man.
If he had a body he would be.
Yeah, and muscular.
Not TOO much.

Question 7:   Is he intelligent?
Intelligent enough.
Smarter than the average bear.
He must be if he can create his own army!
Certainly no Einstein

Question 8:   Does he thirst for blood?
He doesn't even drink!
(Sigh) Unfortunately, yes.
Oh yes!
No. More like for power.

Question 9:   You love him because:
He's powerful and cool.
You want to help him.
He's tough and could protect you (if not, hurt you.)
You just don't know.
You'd rather not say.

Question 10:   Does he die easily?
He can't die.
I don't think so!
If you caught him off guard.
Fairly, yes.

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