What kind of Hot Pocket are you?
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What kind of Hot Pocket are you?

To celebrate National Hot Pockets Are the Sh_t Day.

Question 1:   A bum asks you for money. You say:
Nothing and keep walking
Umm... what for?
How about if I buy you a salad?
As if!

Question 2:   Your major is (most similar to):
Digital Media Design - it's new and cool
Insurance and Risk Management - highly specialized
Psychology - it can fit with any job
Nutrition - it's about looking at the bigger picture
Economics - it's all objective, black-and-white

Question 3:   TGIF because you've got some good evening plans. Which are?
Stroll around the city at night, people-watch on South Street
Club or frat party, somewhere where you can bump n grind
Don't know yet. Your friends are planning it
Dinner at a restaurant downtown, then a posh bar or club
Chill with your friends over a movie, board games, or video games

Question 4:   What does the acronym UMP mean to you?
United Medical Press
U. Me. Passion.
Universal Motion Pictures
Baseball official who makes bad calls
Union pour un Mouvement Populaire

Question 5:   What do you wanna be when you grow up?
A spouse, parent, employee of a corporation
At peace with myself
Really rich
I get my kicks from just "growing"

Question 6:   Best movie ever.
Forrest Gump
Scary Movie
Diana Jones and the Temple of Poon
Anything Jackie Chan

Question 7:   Dilemma. You've found a mystery pair of underwear in with your laundry. What to do?
Toss them on the next dryer
Set them to the side with a note
Set them nicely to the side
Ewwww! Grossness. Throw them away and wash your hands
Are they black panties?

Question 8:   Your boyfriend/girlfriend just broke up with you in favor of your mom. You're heartbroken (and not a little weirded out). What to do?
Say nothing, do nothing, but all the while, think "WTF!"
Go punch a punching bag for a while
Mope quietly
Cry. For a long time.
Get some good rebound sex

Question 9:   Color of your car:
Dark green with beige leather interior

Question 10:   Favorite animal at the zoo:
Cheetahs - they can run faster than you can drive on I-76!
Elephants - they're just so zooish
White tigers - they're beautiful
Peacocks - they have the best name
Monkeys - they remind you of your friend

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