Are you one eggroll short of a poopoo platter?
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Are you one eggroll short of a poopoo platter?


Question 1:   The lamps are attacking! How do you react?
Aww....but lamps are so CUTE! Especially those w/ all the fringe on 'em!
Lamps don't move, dumb-ass.
Prepare for battle!

Question 2:   When someone asks "May I be frank with you?", what is your response?
Say "Okay! Hello, Frank!" teehee!
Kill the mindless potthead. *evil laugh*
Say "sure" and expect an intelligent remark afterwards.

Question 3:   What if I were to tell you that you're boy/girlfriend was going to break up with you?
AHHHHH! NO! How will I live? What will I do? WTF!
Awww, darn.....
Ah, how convenient! I was going to stab the loser tomorrow anyways...

Question 4:   On a normal day, what do you eat for lunch?
Not the cafeteria food
Are you nuts? Slim Fast bars are the ONLY things I eat.

Question 5:   For technical reasons, I am now going to ask what year Columbus came to America.
1592 or something like that...
I killed Columbus myself...*hehehe*

Question 6:   You drive a bus from L.A. to Chicago and pick up 50 people. You go to Cleveland and drop off 25, and then on to New York to pick up thirty-seven more. You finally stop at Atlanta and drop 77 people off at the depot. What is the name of the bus driver?

Question 7:   Are you in the band or chorus?
Yes, both
Are you trying to torture me mentally?
Just band ;)

Question 8:   When you see a lesbian what do you do?
Just walk on by, I reckon
Yell "FAG!" and run in the opposite direction
Call your guy friend and tell him you've found his dream girl

Question 9:   In your personal opinion, are you an intellectual being?
HUH? *drools*
Are YOU?
Of course, my good fellow!

Question 10:   Define what it means to be truly at peace with oneself.
To know God and to love God and to know that He loves you:)
It isn't possible.....
To like yourself for who you are wholly

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