Are you Accident Prone?
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Are you Accident Prone?

Are you always tripping and falling, and you don't know why? Find out if you're accident prone!

Question 1:   How often do you fall down the stairs?
I did once or twice in my whole life time
I do once every couple of months
I do once every month
A couple of times a day

Question 2:   Do you find weird, unusual ways to hurt yourself (example, cutting yourself with a spoon)
What the heck!
I have ONCE
Maybe once or twice...or three times
I just cut my finger typing on the keyboard

Question 3:   Do you have bruises and you don't know where they came from?
One or two
Maybe a few
I have some all over my body!

Question 4:   Do you trip over things that aren't there?
I have NEVER done that, freak!
I might have done that ONCE
Yeah, maybe a few times
I do that all the time!

Question 5:   Do you constantly run into walls?
Who would do that!
Everyone has once...right?
I'm embarrassed to say that yes, a few times
Every single day

Question 6:   When you look in the mirror, are you always seeing blood?
Never Ever
A few times

Question 7:   How many bones have you broken?
Never broken a bone
I have broken a bone once
A few times
I've broken my bones so many times, they haven't healed yet.

Question 8:   Are people constantly telling you to avoid sharp corners or to take the elevator?
They did teasingly, once
Same as above, a few times
The do ALL the time!

Question 9:   Are you wearing a brace, cast, or anything like that right now (bandaid counts)
A few

Question 10:   Last you THINK you're accident prone?
I know I'm not
I might be, but I doubt it
I'm not too sure
Just because I hurt myself everyday doesn't mean I'm accident prone

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