Are you ready to take over the world?
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Are you ready to take over the world?

We know that everyone wants to take over the world, but are YOU ready for it?

Question 1:   First of all, what do you think are your chances of dominating the world?

Question 2:   What is your evil pet? If you don't have one, what would you like?

Question 3:   What is the ideal name for it?
Dr. Evil
Lil' Biter
Mr. Silly

Question 4:   What is your world domination plan?
Pretend to have a laser gun that will destroy Earth
Ask the world to hand you their power
Threaten to nuke them
Send in my armies to hold them hostage

Question 5:   How large is your private army? What are their weapons?
Average, armed with M16s
Small, armed with pistols
I don't have one
Large, armed with laser guns

Question 6:   Are you bald?
I have no hair anywhere-I'm totally hairless!
I'm so hairy, I should be kept in a zoo
Short, stubby hairs

Question 7:   What is your secret lair?
Space station or moon base
Military bunker
Underwater city

Question 8:   How much money has been funded to finance the plan?
Billions of dollars, yen, pesos, etc
A few bucks from selling lemonade

Question 9:   Do you have a scar?
A long, scratchy one down my face
Does a birthmark count?
One or two tiny ones

Question 10:   Finally, what is your evil corporation's name?
The Society of Evil
Nuclear Waste Co.
Covert Ops
Yuri's Corporation

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