Do you hate men?
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Do you hate men?

Do you suspect you might be a terribly bitter woman who will end up living alone with a bunch of cats?

Question 1:   You're hanging out at a coffee shop with your friends, and a hot guy walks in. You:
Go up to him and start chatting.
Run and hide in the bathroom.
Make the sign of the cross and put a curse on him.

Question 2:   Will you ever get married?
Yes, as soon as possible.
Not unless someone will kill me if I don't.
If the right guy comes along.

Question 3:   Are you interested in sex?
It's all I think about.
Only after I've dated the guy for about 4 years.
With myself or another woman, sure.

Question 4:   Have you ever been on a date?
No, but I want to.
Yeah, it was great.
Yes, and it almost killed me.

Question 5:   Have you ever had sex?
No, I want to wait until I'm married.
Yeah, it was alright I guess.
Yes. I think it's a form of torture.

Question 6:   How many guys have you ever been interested in?
A couple, but I have other things to concentrate on.
Tons! I love men!
A couple, and the last one made me want to be a lesbian.

Question 7:   If you were a man, what would you be?
Blonde hair, blue eyes, from California!
Dark and sexy, maybe Spanish!

Question 8:   You are running down the street in the pouring rain. Why?
You are chasing after a guy screaming "WHY DON'T YOU LOVE ME?"
You are exercising. You love the rain.
You are chasing a guy away from your house. Doesn't he know you want to be ALONE?

Question 9:   A guy comes up and starts to talk to you. You:
Grab him, say "Enough talk, lover," and pull him into the bathroom.
Have a conversation with him.
Punch him in the nose.

Question 10:   What are you wearing?
Something cute, stylish, but casual.
Layers. Upon layers. Upon layers.

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