Have you lost your mind to the point where you can never get it back?
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Have you lost your mind to the point where you can never get it back?

Question 1:   Do you ever know the answers to questions people ask you?
Always, answering is easy.
Usually, the questions are sometimes confusing.
Sometimes, a lot of times I space out and don't know what the question is.
Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... What's the question again?

Question 2:   Amusement parks are fun. So is...
Going to the movies.
Running into the wall.
Flying with my GIGANTIC wings.

Question 3:   Hehe...
That's not a question, you idiot!
What does that mean?
Are you laughing at me?
Are you trying to threaten me? I'll fight you any day, wimp.

Question 4:   Do you ever find yourself yelling odd things in public for no apparent reason?
Never! What an un-civilized thing to do.
Sometimes. It's fun!
Usually. I like the weird stares people give you.
All the time. People give me money, too.

Question 5:   Who is your best-friend?
The person who I can trust the most.
The person who always wants to hang out with me.
The person that drives my car.
Anyone who smiles at me in the street.

Question 6:   A computer is...
An electronical device that allows me to do lots of different things and helps me collect information.
The electronical device that costs a lot.
The glowing screen in my room.
Dunno... A monkeys head?

Question 7:   What are sports?
A sport is an athletical thing that requires sweating and running.
Something fun.
Something you need tennis shoes or sneakers for.
Dunno... A monkeys head?

Question 8:   I like music.
I only like classical.
I like all kinds of music.
I'll listen to anything that even sounds like music.
What's music again?

Question 9:   Guess what?
Are you trying to trick me? I won't listen.
What do you want?
I'm hungry.

Question 10:   This is the last question. Congrats! You made it. What do you have to say?
This quiz was a waste of time.
I had fun.
You're funny.
Thank God, I found some food in my dumpster.

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