Do you have Immortality? Quiz

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Here's a fun test for you to find out if you an immortal!

  • 1
    Are you over one hundred years old, but look thirty?
  • 2
    Have you ever fallen off a cliff and survived?
  • 3
    Do you think you would survive if somebody threw knifes at you?

  • 4
    A mountain lion ate your stomach.
  • 5
    Did you ever fall down a mountain?
  • 6
    Do you think you are an immortal?

  • 7
    What do you think of this test?
  • 8
    How long have you stayed underwater?
  • 9
    Have you ever been on Ripley's Believe it or Not?
  • 10
    This test is over!

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456 days ago
Profile A???
463 days ago
I am split imbetween, can anyone help me
1109 days ago
I’m immortal OH MY GOD
1194 days ago
1202 days ago
I am teacher 할비. call me 할비.
1202 days ago
I bet teacher MJ is now playing Zelda.
1202 days ago
I promise. I agree with all the conditions.

If I win, then the symptoms will disappear. And I will not get infected anymore.
If I lose, then I will become a TRUE 🐤.
1202 days ago
Dearest teacher MJ (@Immortal Seongsaengnim),

Hi, teacher! I miss you a lot. Really really a lot. It's so FANTASICAL. Don't forget that you are MY FAVORITE TEACHER.

See you next season!

P.S Don't be mad at me. It's okay. Think of happiness, and you will see Pink.

Truly yours,

Your YANKEE :)
1202 days ago
To Immortal Seonsaengnim

You are weirder! Read your username. Who uses that kind of username nowadays?

P.S You are the weirdest Michel Jean. HAHAHA - Junny
1202 days ago
Harvey and Junny are weird
1202 days ago
I am immortal. come to Jupiter and fight me. if you lose to me, you are 🚔.
1202 days ago
This is really pointless! Obviously we know that we are normal, you twerp!!
1541 days ago
I'll just wait for 60 years, since my patience tank isn't half empty yet :D
1584 days ago
Holy s--- you are an immortal! (really that is funny,never felt I am)
1651 days ago
I have to wait 60 years :P and what can I do while waiting? Oh you know what I'll just take some more tests :)
1820 days ago
This is the stupidest quiz in the entire world!
I'm not you but, if I was you, I would never ever take this quiz in my intire life!!!
2118 days ago
the test was ok not to shabby