Are you a gnome expert?

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Want to see if you are a gnome expert? Do you deserve to think gnomes are the coolest things on earth? Well this is the quiz for you! This quiz is for my site YOU BETTER READ THE HISTORY OF GNOMES THIS WILL BE EASY AS THERE ARE SOME QUESTIONS OF THE ACTUAL HISTORY! This will tell you if you are a gnome expert or not. GNOMES ARE AWESOME!

  • 1
    1. What is this test all about? (ok this is common sense)
  • 2
    What kind of gnomes are there?
  • 3
    True or False. Gnomes have pointy hats.

  • 4
    The hats are usually what color?
  • 5
    True or False. Gnomes usually have beards.
  • 6
    When did the garden gnomes start appearing Germany?

  • 7
    In 1840 gnomes appeared in what country?
    In 1840 gnomes appeared in what country?
  • 8
    Who producers of gnomes in quantity which were well known throughout the world?
  • 9
    True or False. Eve and Sami liked the actual garden gnome itself.
  • 10
    Do you think you deserve to like gnomes?

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