Is your room clean or messy? Quiz

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Take the quiz to see if your bedroom is spick and span, or a disaster zone!

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    What does your bed look like on an average day?

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247 days ago
I got clean room LOL you should see my room right now😂
333 days ago
It said I was a neat freak LOL 😂

one of the questions was if you would clean your friend's room if it was messy but my sister told me that I shouldn't clean other people's houses because you're saying that they're messy and that's kind of rude but I mean if they said they wanted me to help them clean their room I would definitely 100% help them clean up

(I kind of like cleaning 🤫)
336 days ago
.I got 50% Congratulations, you have a clean room! You keep your room neat and orderly. You don't have to worry about messes
361 days ago
Let me put it this way; you are a neat freak! Your room is ultra clean, and your paranoia about it staying that way freaks people out. Calm down and relax a bit. It's OK if there's a crumb on the ground
373 days ago
I got "organised mess"
397 days ago
Wow this quiz is wrong because my room is not that dirty and I was given major messy!!!!!!!!!!!!¡
410 days ago
i got organized mess. take that test! i cleaned my room today!
439 days ago
447 days ago
Haha yep this is right my room is like a pigs mess and everything is all over scattered my mom says when ever she comes in she has a heart attack she loves organized things omg you should see her room it looks like a Queens room literally my room is a boys room haha
509 days ago
I got organized mess. 😑
512 days ago
For 50% I am: Your room is what we call an organized mess. It's not terribly messy, but you could use with a cleaning.
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That’s actually pretty accurate! This is a good quiz!
648 days ago
Hahahaha. The results say My room is called ORGANized MESSED """ Lol Thumbs up!!! your right🤣🤣🤣
892 days ago
@help och lovely I can quite understand. I find it difficult to keep my mum in check! She would say the same things to me. Oh well now I am an adult I have free reign over the house! 💚
978 days ago
my mum always tells me off for not cleaning up my desk. i cant be bothered to so i just let her shout at me
1140 days ago
my room is 100% neat i swear ()
1190 days ago
it’s jot my room. it’s my parents.
my mom works hard and is never motivated to clean, nor wants anything to do with organisation. she likes having things on display, which is fine...except we have the most random trash and items on “display” she keeps buying more and more💑and doesn’t get rid of anything. it’s getting to the point where i don’t even want to leave my room because the mess is overwhelming. i would clean it myself, but she doesn’t let me because i actually put things away and she always says “i can’t find my things when you “”organise””
it’s so difficult to deal with! anybody who can get me a way to convince her to clean and organise is a SAINT! xx
(btw i’m only 13 so i don’t have any authority over her, her house, her rules. i can’t even suggest some storage cubes without her yelling at me)
1207 days ago
For 80 % you are: Your room is major messy! If you are having trouble entering the room, please seek professional help!
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1267 days ago
Hi Brook my room is minty green/blue and I have a big white bed. Also there is a mountain of clothes on the floor as well as random scattered papers. So, 50/50 for me. I thought I’d be messier but nevermind reading some of these comments!
1280 days ago
My room is blue, btw, Brook, w purple thin wavey Lines. Beautiful. My friends rooms are:
50% royal blue
25% sky blue w paintings of pink flowers
24% baby blue
1% hot pink
My room is too clean and my dad says 2 be a human not some freaky cleanness-obsessed girl.
1282 days ago
I thought i was going to be so much dirtier than said.