Are You Feather Duster Ticklish? Take This Quiz & See!

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So, have you seen all those porn videos where people are getting off on feather duster tickling? Wait, what? You say you don't watch porn videos? Come on, now, we ALL watch porn videos sometimes! Anyway, welcome to the wonderful world of feather duster tickling! Today, we will see how ticklish you are by this feathery means! Try my test now!

  • 1
    Someone grabs a duster made of feathers and walks toward you. Whatever do you DO?
    Someone grabs a duster made of feathers and walks toward you. Whatever do you DO?
  • 2
    Your friend's mom makes them dust all the furniture. They suddenly start touching you with the feathery duster. What is your reaction?
  • 3
    You are strapped down and being tickled by three girls with feathery dusters! How would you react?

  • 4
    You are being tickled, but you also have to pee! What would you say?
  • 5
    What would you do if someone were to traipse a feathery duster across your butt?
  • 6
    A girl is tickling your feet with a really soft feather-covered duster. What would you do?

  • 7
    You are holding a feather-ful duster in your hand. You see a girl who's totally naked on top. What would you do?
  • 8
    A girl walks up to you and asks, "Hey, do feather dusters tickle you?" What would you say?
  • 9
    A girl walks up to you holding a duster covered with feathers and starts tickling you. What would you say?
  • 10
    You are tied down somehow. A person grabs a feathery duster and heads toward you. What would you do?

  • 11
    You go unconscious because you were tickled for too long. How would you react?
  • 12
    You are being tickled by a hot girl holding a feather duster. What would you say to her?
  • 13
    You are not paying attention, and someone tickles you with feather-covered duster. How would you react?
  • 14
    Someone is tickling you with the duster - in your very most ticklish spot! What would you say?
  • 15
    You are being tickled by two girls for two whole hours! What would you do?

Comments (13)


33 days ago
I'm ticklish af lol fun quiz
126 days ago
im super ticklish i would pee my self if i got tickled to long
327 days ago
I love being tickled, this is literally THE best
758 days ago
Wow. Just wow...... I am speechless guys. This quiz. I swear if this actually happened 2 me I would never be able to live it down and probably die of embarrassment
887 days ago
Hi, my name is Jennifer. I think that this was a really fun quiz I am normally a quiet person but this quiz was eye-opening for me. It's really good
904 days ago
Yo I wish this happened to me lol
1366 days ago
um... this is fun lol
1458 days ago
OMG I’m very ticklish
1588 days ago
Duuude! Im so ticklish I literally nearly peed myself while doing this test but tbh that was probably cuz my bff Nathan was tickling my two worst spots; my underarms and my sides! Also u should make this a PERSONALITY quiz NOT a test quiz! Thanks and goodbye everyone!
Love from the most ticklish clumsy girl alive! xoxoxoxo
1733 days ago
Omg im so ticklish don't even think bout tickling me plz don't..... omg my crush is ticklinn me hep! I cannt clik th keus it tickls to mch
1799 days ago
I liked it at first and I thought it was rubbish because it is your opinion not I write or wrong. I also didn’t like it because it swaired in it was not appropriate for children. Most quiz’s about you or how you react is on opinion. Rubbish hate this.
1875 days ago
Why is this a pick the right answer qiz!?I thought it was a personality qiz!!!!
I hate this now
2174 days ago
test is done of tickle