Is Your House Haunted? Quiz

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Have you ever wondered: Is my house haunted? Well if you have, your not the only one! Many people believe in paranormal and many people believe they're not alone in their own home! Check to see if your house it haunted with this short, 10 question quiz!

  • 1
    Does the temperature of your body ever change suddenly? (E.G: You could feel cold and then all of a sudden, your body changes from cold to hot?)
  • 2
    Has anything around your house happened without any explanation? (E.G: A door opened by itself when there was no wind/draft coming through?)
  • 3
    Do you feel like your being watched in your house? (E.G: Your watching T.V when all of a sudden you get the feeling that someone is watching you?)

  • 4
    Do you think that you have seen a ghost/creepy figure around your house?
  • 5
    Do you have nightmares about ghosts/demons ect all the time?
  • 6
    Whenever you have had a friend/other family member over to your house, do they ever tell you how creepy it feels being in your house?

  • 7
    If you have any pets (E.G: dogs, cats ect...) Do they sometimes act really scared/weird at something what you can't see?
  • 8
    Have you ever played any paranormal games which could of welcomed spirits into your house? (E.G: Bloody Mary, Daruma San ect?)
  • 9
    Did you enjoy this quiz? (Does NOT effect your score!)
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    Will you leave any feedback? (Does NOT effect your score!)

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149 days ago
My house might be haunted. Its weird bc some quizes say that it is some dont, if someone will make a very very very very detailed quiz ( for example at only the question about nightmers to be like 5 anwsers ) and every single detail included ( this is detailed and cool to but more anwsers plsssssssssss ) a reason why i did not try any paranormal games, like bloody mary, is because i have phobia of mirrors and im so „„„„ paranoic. Idk, i hope for an haunted DOLL quiz bc i think mine is haunted, but still, i love this quiz, it whas great :))))undefined
360 days ago
I got need you're is so haunted and it will be for the rest of eternity
379 days ago
My hous might be haunted... yay I guess that's a good thing???
416 days ago
Your house IS haunted without a doubt! You could be living with a spirit or two for the rest of your life. Your unlucky:(

so this explains it-
470 days ago
my house used to be owned by a dead soldier that was actually related to me but i don't think it was him haunting me. he was probably warning me about something that is going to happen.
876 days ago
Sorry. I meant iḿ not if
876 days ago
Your house MIGHT be haunted. Then and now, a spirit might visit you but they won't stay! Your kind of lucky:/
Well if officially burning sage.
Jk, but I might
937 days ago
When I first moved in everything was completely normal but a few years after that for my big sister's birthday we went to the Winchester mystery House a few months after that weird things started to happen. Today my little brother downloaded a ghost detector on his tablet and we do have ghost.But just to make sure I did 4 haunted house test and all of them said my house is haunted!(I am a 8 years old girl)
948 days ago
I knew de whole time uwu
1032 days ago
This is a good test
1121 days ago
A few months ago I moved into this house. A few days after we moved in I started seeing figures for a split second when I turned around and I always feel like I’m being watched, especially when I’m in my bathroom. About two months after all this started, I was watching tv with my mom in the living room. All of a sudden she jumped and when I asked her what was wrong she told me that she swore she saw someone standing in our living room. We started talking about it and she had been having the same exact stuff happening to her! After that we started to notice my younger brothers being afraid to go to the bathroom alone. My stepdad thought we were joking until one night he woke up to the sound of a door nob twisting like it was locked. None of us had gotten up that night. We dint know what to call it because we didn’t want to just call it ghost so we named it Sally. I’m are not sure YET but I think someone died in my bathroom in the hall. It seems to be the most creepy place in the house to everyone. I always said I wanted to have a ghostly experience, now I’m living one. Yay me.
1185 days ago
Hi, this quiz was good! It definetley explains something
1203 days ago
Your house IS haunted without a doubt! You could be living with a spirit or two for the rest of your life. Your unlucky:( I’m a 10 year old kid:(
1221 days ago
So I think I’ve always had supernatural things follow me b/c weird things happened when I was married in my other home too(I was married to a cruel man so I put the blame on it was God showing him the error of his ways!). Recently divorced I’ve lived in my current home for close to 3 years. It’s a large home with an attic and basement and several bedrooms. Idk I couldn’t find where anybody died in it but really creepy things have happened. My daughter was home from college and called me begging me to come home. I was on my my home from work and when I got to my house she was sitting w/her car running in the driveway. She told me she went into the bathroom to brush her teeth u have to pass my bedroom when going to the upstairs bathroom and on her way to the bathroom the door was open and she thought she saw something/someone sitting on my bed! On the way back to her room my bedroom door was closed. I came home sure enough my door was closed which I NEVER close my bedroom door only the other bedrooms...ever! Other things have happened like my curtains are moved all the time and my bedroom blinds are plastic and they’re broken at the top part where I can’t figure out how they’d break all the way up there? One time a bedroom door was open it was the one my daughter stays in when she’s home and I never go in there and she hasn’t been home in months!? Idk I see YouTube stories of ppl having squatters in their houses of rooms they didn’t know existed and I think that scares me more than the ghost thing b/c I don’t feel afraid there! Hopefully it’s neither but definitely don’t want a squatter!!
1285 days ago
So I wanted to test it bc I was at a friend's house and her house is definitely haunted and lately I have been feeling like the is something else living with me, and watching me.
1294 days ago
It said my house is haunted I’m unlucky bc I always hear footsteps and one time I saw a shadow of a man
1346 days ago
I recently started having this dream where a tall dark figure (looks simular midnight man) is coming towards me and trys reaching out for me and i start not being able to breathe and feel a really sharp pain in my stomach area and next i see my grandpa (whos sadly been dead for about 3 years now) appear and then the dark figure just dissapers and the pain slowly goes away
I dont know if this dream means something like my house is haunted or if its just a dream but it just feels so real especially the first time and the first time it happened i didn't even remember going to sleep
1359 days ago
It said I'm unlucky and my house is haunted. I believe this because I hear creaking at night and I found a girl's name written on the back of my door.
1361 days ago
I got my hands on a mystic(ouija) magic board off my dad I bought it home and started using it every day for company this was nearly 20 years ago I haven't practiced for probably a year now but I used to get contact in about 30 seconds but now things keep moving n reappearing somewhere else etc and I don't no wat to do
1572 days ago
I took this quiz to get a second opinion. I recently moved to a new house that was built in the 1960's, but it didn't say if anyone died inside the home. The first time something happened was the first day I moved in. I was going to sleep when all of a sudden I smelt something. Roses. I went out of my room to see if there were roses and there were roses, the strange thing is we didn't buy any roses nor had any in the garden, and rose happens to be my favorite flower. I was creeped out. When I got to sleep I had a nightmare with a tall man staring and mumbling to himself, he turned around seconds later held my hands and told me "Please be careful.." The next day I was going to the store with my mom. I was zoning out and walking around the store when I felt something shove me, I looked behind me but nobody was there, then I saw a wine bottle crash right where I wad standing. I froze then got up and found my mom who was getting wine (ironically), then on the way home a car hit us. It hit the other side of the car wich unfortunately killed my little brother, but I survived with just a broken arm. Then suddenly I felt a gentle touch on my head. When I looked behind me it was the same man from my dream, then he said "Lucky I came with you" then he left into a nearby dark ally. Things like this happened for 2 weeks so I called a pro. He said it was not haunted. The quiz says yes though. More things like this have since happened, and I'm confused and scared, but happy to know whoever this is, he wants me alive