The Turtle/Cross Country Running Quiz!!!
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The Turtle/Cross Country Running Quiz!!!

This quiz has been designed by the average teenagers, enjoy!

Question 1:Do you have a pet turtle?
no, they smell
There disgusting
no but I want one
I also own the book and the computer game!

Question 2:Do you run on your own time?
Absolutely, I never go a day without a 10 mile race!
No, why would I like get dirty and tired if I didn’t have to!
Sometimes but I'd rather not!
Only once a week
I have never ran once in my life!

Question 3:About how far can you run without stopping?
less then 15ft
I cant even run to my to my mail box!
Only about 76km an hour!Bull@!$#

Question 4:If you got a turtle, what you name it?
Slow poke
Miss Cleo

Question 5:What would you feed it?
Fruit salad
Left overs
turtle food, duh!

Question 6:Is running a hobby?
Yes, I am on a cross country team at school
No, running stinks!
Yes, since I was born
Only if I think the coach is cute

Question 7:Where would you keep a small turtle?
In the yard
In the dog kennel
Litter box
A fish tank
Why would i ever own a turtle?

Question 8:Whats your favourite colour?

Question 9:Is the only time you run is to the toilet?
Darn right!
gross, gross, like totally gross!
twice today!
No, I walk thankyou!
I never let it get that far!

Question 10:Is your name Deloris or Ida?
Yes and I'm 62 yrs. old and proud of it!
No, but my my two twin sisters are!
My name is Ida!
My name is Deloris!
No, my name is Flora!!!

This Quiz has been designed by julie.