Bizarre Artist
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Bizarre Artist

This quiz explores the personality traits and such of an artist, especially a student artist

Question 1:While out with friends, a friend notices you have a bit of paint on your jacket. They ask how it got there. What do you say?
'Damnit! How did that get there?'
'My stupid little brother was finger painting and got some on me'
'I'm surprised you only saw that paint stain. Here's another, and another...'
'It might've been from leaning against that freshly painted pole the other day'
You don't say anything. You turn bright red and run far far away.

Question 2:Three months have gone by since you bought your last toothbrush. What do you do with it?
Continue to brush your teeth with it.
Throw it away.
Switch it with your mom's new one.
Give it to your best friend for her birthday.
Use it as a tool in painting class.

Question 3:You've heard the term 'Starving Artist', if you only had $5.00 to your name, what would you do with it?
Buy some food of course! Who wants to starve?
Buy some cheap paints, make an awesome masterpiece and hope it sells for thousands of dollars.
Donate it to charity.
Run back home for a homecooked meal and bribe mom with the $5.00 to let you move back home.
Put it in the bank for interest. In a couple of weeks you can get it out and buy a gourmet meal and a new canvas.

Question 4:You see the plastic bag on 'American Beauty' as:
An object that holds my groceries.
A really, really, stupid idea to put in the movie.
A beautiful piece of art. He really captured the 'beauty' of the bag.
Much cooler in 'Not another Teen movie'.
Something I actually taped before I ever saw the movie.

Question 5:What does your attire usually look like?
High class clothing.
Me wear clothes?
Unmatched, whichever looks semi-clean that day.

Question 6:What's your favorite movie?
American Pie
The Green Mile
Winnie the Pooh
What Dreams May Come

Question 7:How much money do you have in your pocket, right now?
I don't carry cash, it's new thing called CREDIT CARD.
About 10 bucks.
a paper that says IOU on it

Question 8:Why are you online right now?
None of your business.
To read email.
Just trying to get away from my crazy life.

Question 9:You see criticism as:
A much needed thing.
Who cares?
Something I do often.

Question 10:How did you find this quiz?
Boring as hell
What quiz?

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