Are the old people watching you?
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Are the old people watching you?

Are you weird and/or strange? Do you do or say things that other people find weird and/or strange? If so, the old people may be watching you. Why you ask? Take this quiz and find out.

Question 1:Which of these situations are you most likely to be in?
Caught with your pants down
Caught with your pants up
Caught with someone else's pants down
Caught stealing pants

Question 2:Do you often wake up and not remember where you are?
You mean this ISN'T Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles?

Question 3:Have you ever went to your mail box and found that it smells like moth balls?
Yes, although I can't figure out why......
Yes. My grandma always puts some in with the sweaters she sends me
Why would I smell my mail box?

Question 4:Do you like decorative doilies or colorful afghans?
Hell no! I hate that Osama Bin Laden!
Yes. I have quite the collection of doilies

Question 5:Have you ever been arrested?
I'd rather not say
Yeah, stupid cops. Who would've thought you could get arrested for being naked during Spring Break?

Question 6:What do you do when you see that someone has dropped their wallet?
Immediately pick it up and go buy a sandwich
Immediately pick it up and give it back
Think about it, and end up buying the sandwich
Think about it, and end up giving it back

Question 7:Do you find yourself humming songs you heard on an Oldies station?
All the time *blue moon/you saw me standing alone/without a dream in my heart.....*
They have a station that plays old people music?

Question 8:Do you ever visit homes for the elderly?
No. Why would I do that?
Sometimes, although I can't figure out why........
You mean that WASN'T Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles?

Question 9:Do you often find yourself staring at your reflection only to realize that its not your reflection; it's a creepy old man who's dressed like you?
Yes, although I can't figure out why......
Sometimes. Maybe THAT'S why my gym teacher keeps calling me Edgar(If your name IS Edgar, your gym teacher calls you Edgar because THAT'S YOUR NAME!)
No. Old people don't wear pants up to their armpits.

Question 10:Why did you take this quiz?
I have no idea
My grandma made me
I was looking for another site and got lost. So very lost.....
I got bored

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