Are You Also In This Corner?
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Are You Also In This Corner?

Pretty simple quiz that will tell you if, like me, you think a bit outside the norm.

Question 1:If I could change the marijuana laws I would:
Do Nothing! Marijuana should be illegal!
Make minor changes. Such as allowing it for medical purposes.
Legalize It! I'm sick of the lack of logical reasoning that keeps it illegal!

Question 2:How much do you trust the Government?
Some what
They are all lying, cheating bastards!

Question 3:Do you concern yourself with current world events and how they impact your everyday life?
What? There is a world outside of mine?
Yeah I pick up a newspaper every now and again.
Yes. I stay well informed and can see how these world events effect everyone including me.

Question 4:Do you believe it may be possible that there are aliens and ghosts?
Yeah, and cows fly too!
Sure it's possible.
As a matter of fact I have been abducted!

Question 5:Where do you get your news from?
ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, you know the usual.
Just local newspaper
PBS TV, or Radio.

Question 6:Does music affect peoples actions?

Question 7:Area 51 is:
Not real!
Nothing more than a military base.
A really strange place where they do stuff they will never tell us.

Question 8:If a nuclear bomb was headed right towards us do you think they would tell us?
Not right away.
No! Dear God let me check the sky!!

Question 9:Which of these movies did you like the best?
Dude, Where's My Car?
The Matrix
American Beauty

Question 10:Thunderstorms, blizzards, tornados, hurricanes, and other strong weather forces make you feel:
Like I always do.

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