Which Bizvogatan Are You?
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Which Bizvogatan Are You?

Bizvo is inhabited (haunted? possesed?) my numerous distinctive characters. Your degree of consanguinity with various personality types will determine your contruity with the goals and driving motivations of Bizvogato.

Question 1:What color really pumps your 'nads?
Grimace Purple
Feces Brown
Gold Lame
Argent (silver)

Question 2:What is your favorite snack?
McDonalds Happy Meal (or McDonalds Happy Meal Characters)
Coffee and an old copy Java Journal

Question 3:Are you British?
I am German.
Thank God I'm not Canadian!
There are worse things than being British.
You ask like there is something wrong with it?

Question 4:You dream of purple souls drifting in your coffee using turds as life preservers. You spill it on your copy of Linux Journal. You are ...

Question 5:You are able to translate to and from the Latin using no device more complex than your grandmother. You are?

Question 6:You are walking in the desert and you see a tortoise (turtle, Leon) lying on it's back struggling to turn over. You're not turning it over, you're not helping. Why is that?
I've eaten its soul
I prefer to stomp small helpless things.
I want to see if it is going to poop.
I haven't had my coffee.
I am wrapped up in installing XP on my Mac and porting AbiWord to the proprietary operating system I have just written.

Question 7:Tonight? What are we going to do tonight?
The same thing we do every night, Bombastically conquer the world.
Stomp small helpless things and wear sombreros.
Drink massive quantities of whiskey, consume copious amounts of pasta, and then poop.
Blackmail our boss for a higher salary and contemptuously do his job just to show that he need us.
Reformat all the servers at work and wait for the panicky call at 3 a.m.

Question 8:Troll dolls are:
Mondo Neato
Necessary for my continued sanity.
Evocative of a simpler time when coffee was freely available to the masses in medicinal dosages.
What are troll dolls?

Question 9:Which coast is better?
I like rivers, myself.
The East Coast and thank God I'm not Canadian.
The Civilized Coast.
The Left Coast.
This question is americo-centric and I refuse to answer.

Question 10:Cranial surgery would disclose that my veins contained:
A fiery substance that sparks when exposed to air.
Mocha Java in the Arteries, Latte in the veins.
A concentrated electron flow akin to static electricty but with the consistency, smell, and general appearance of espresso.

This Quiz has been designed by karl louderback.