Which muppet should you hook up with?
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Which muppet should you hook up with?

I know this is a question that you've always pondered. If given the choice, which of the fuzzy folk should you date, marry, and grow old with? This test will clear up any uncertainty. Venture on ahead, and please use complete honesty.

Question 1:If faced with four plates of food, which would you eat?
barley soup with a sprinkling of pepper
An enormous serving of turkey along with mashed potatoes and gravy
chocolate cake and a beer
All of the above

Question 2:At the gym you would be found-
in the aerobics room, bopping out to oldies
searching for change under the snack machine
gym? ha.
running on the treadmill with headphones and a heartrate of 185

Question 3:Who do you think is more attractive-
Justin Timberlake
Kid Rock
A rock

Question 4:Would you consider living with your parents?
yes, I love my parents
Are you nuts?
I don't have parents

Question 5:If given a million dollars, on what would you splurge?
world peace
a big block of cheese
a really big diamond, plus new wardrobe.
designer shampoo

Question 6:What was your favorite toy as a child?
my blanky
teddy bear
empty perfume spritzer
toy chainsaw

Question 7:What is your favorite beverage?
just water, please
red bull

Question 8:Do you like children?
of course
um, indifferent
of course, they taste great!

Question 9:What is your favorite sport?

Question 10:What are you most likely to do with your friends?
have meaningful and humorous discussions
arm wrestle
beat up inanimate objects

Question 11:What was your social status in school?
people beat me up
I guess I was cool enough
Popular, but whispered about
I lived on the edge

Question 12:What profession would you shine in?
lounge singer
stand up comic
rock star

Question 13:Your morning routine involves-
A bit of face washing, the general
three hours
waking up

Question 14:Cleanliness is-
very important

Question 15:If you could take one item with you before your house burns down you'd take-
family pictures
your favorite concert t-shirt

Question 16:How high can you count?
It's more a matter of time than numbers
Who cares?

Question 17:Are you hungry right now?
I'm never not hungry

Question 18:Where would you go on a first date?
the aquarium
a nice restaurant
horror flick

Question 19:What's your favorite television show?
full house
whose line is it?
the chair

Question 20:How do you dance?
with class
with groovy style
with abandon

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