Are You An Earthling?
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Are You An Earthling?

Have you ever questioned wondered whether YOU'RE the extra-terrestrial? Find out what substance you're made out of.

Question 1:After an exhausting day in cyberspace, you come home to what kind of reality?
You're landlord's son in the kitchen playing with the guinea pig.
Can't use the bathroom because your roommate is in it.
No food in your fridge!
someone cooked a meal and cleaned your room for you!

Question 2:While walking, you pick up something from the ground. It's usually
a yummy half-eaten chocolate bar
20 dollar bill!

Question 3:You're home early so you decide to catch some shows are television. You watch
channel 10002
the news
bad reception

Question 4:At your local coffee shop, you notice the person behind the counter picking her nose, do you
proceed to make your order (who cares, as long as the boogers don't get in to your drink)
go 'eeww, you should be ashamed of yourself.'
laugh and ask her where she learned that skill
leave and vow to never go back

Question 5:Your friends asks you to go eat lunch with them. You suggest
going to the park to eat your homemade food.
going to somebody's place uninvited to raid their fridge
going to the supermarket
going to the new five-stars rated restaurant where the rich and famous frequent

Question 6:Your roommate tells you you're selfish. You
tell her at least it's better than being elfish!
cry and ask what you can do to change
thank her for the compliment
tell her how impressed you are by her keen observation

Question 7:You long-time crush finally talks to you. You
tell him to hold his thought while you freshen up
wonder what took him so long
make fun of his voice
ask him to marry you

Question 8:You're taking a really boring class in school. To kill boredom you
listen extra-intently and take notes
draw caricatures of your teacher
take long bathroom breaks
play tic-tac-toe with a classmate

Question 9:At work, you can usually be found
planning for your next trip to the coffee shop!
taking soul-searching quizzes
asking your boss for more work

Question 10:Describe your room
room, what room?
depends how you define 'room'
reality of my fantasies
what do I get out of it?

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