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TAIT is an abbreviated term by the AIAC (Alien Information / Abduction Centre) Good luck. It is advised that all mortals take this test. JUST SO WE KNOW YOU ARE HUMAN!

Question 1:When you gaze up at the stars ... how do you feel?
Not much
A desire to be with them

Question 2:Have you ever met an alien?
Of course! Every day
I would absolutely LOVE to!
Not yet, but I don't discount the possibility
Don't be daft!
I think I will, given time (although some friends of mine might be already LOL)

Question 3:What do you think aliens look like?
Little green men
Who cares? Really? Isn't this test pathetic?
Like the ones Ripley fought, with BIG GUNS!
Grey or men in black
Regular people like you and me ...

Question 4:What would aliens think of the human race?
Bomb us! Like in Independence Day!
They would probably want to make contact with us
They would be awed by ManKind's Intelligence
They think we are the coolest thing since the creation of the UFO!
I need to get ready for work ... haven't got any more time for this shit

Question 5:The word MARS! What is the first thing that comes to mind?
Its all red, like a sundried tomato ...
Aliens, Aliens, Aliens!
The planet!
*sigh* home ......
An extremely sickly chocolate bar

Question 6:What is ALIENS an abbreviation for?
Actual Life In Every New Solarsystem
About Life In Elequant New Surroundings
A Likely Invention / Enterprise by Nutty Scholars!
A Lifeform In Earthly Natural Surroundings
All Lifeforms In Earth N'd Space

Question 7:Which Alien Film is your favourite from the list below;
Independence Day
Mars Attacks!
Men in Black
War of the Worlds

Question 8:Have you ever been abducted?
To go shopping with someone I don't like? Yes!
I have 'lost time' once or twice
I don't know. I don't think so
No, I go freely. It cannot be called abduction!

Question 9:Why do you think Mulder was always trying to find alien lifeforms?
He should have left the aliens alone!
Because he wanted to know everything
He wanted to make new friends
Because he was a nosy git!
He was after the truth

Question 10:How much 'alien' do you think you have inside of you?

Question 11:Society. How do you feel about it?
Its a good comfort whilst I am waiting to be abducted
Its a good thing
I feel completely removed from everyone else
I feel slightly removed from society
Its everything to me!

Question 12:What do you talk to?
Pet / Animals
The Night Sky
Other humans
Plants / Foliage / Undergrowth

Question 13:Which celebrity most reminds you of an alien from the list below?
Christopher Walken
Robbie Williams
Steven King
There are no alien celebrities
Britney Spears

Question 14:What is your favourite motto out of the list below?
"Knowledge is power, but ignorance is bliss"
"Trust no-one"
"Work hard, play hard"
"The truth is out there"
"We WILL find the answers"

Question 15:What do you think of religion?
Die religion! Die!
Its cool
God is an alien ...
No opinion
I'm an aethiest

Question 16:What do you want to be, when you grow up / or as an alternate career?
Managing Director
Artistic (Writer, Painter, Musician ...)

Question 17:What is your favourite passtime?
Watching TV / Movies
Comic Books / Fantasy

Question 18:What is your favourite animal?

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