Are you an alien?
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Are you an alien?

This test will see if you're really an alien or part-alien (with one parent an Earthling and the other an alien). Be truthful, now!

Question 1:Do you believe in aliens?

Question 2:Do you like watching Star Trek?
A little

Question 3:Do you like watching Star Wars?
A little

Question 4:Do you like watching any other show or movie with aliens?
A little

Question 5:What is your favorite type of food, from the following:
Normal stuff
A little exotic stuff
Very exotic stuff

Question 6:Do others think you're crazy?
Maybe, maybe not
Oh, yeah!

Question 7:What do you look like?
An alien, of course!
Like a normal person
In between an alien and a person

Question 8:Where would you like to live?
On the planet Nog
In the future
On a tropical island

Question 9:What kind of pet would you choose to have?
A dog
A penguin
A Kuwat bird from the planet Esat

Question 10:What is your hobby?
Studying Earth animals
Taking out the trash
Normal stuff, like collecting rocks and reading

Question 11:What is your favorite color?
Radioactive Red
All colors
Muddy brown

Question 12:Do you have any friends?
Oh, yeah, lots of them!
None. I feel like I don't belong here...
Not too many; everyone thinks I'm strange...

Question 13:What language do you speak?
English, or another Earthly language

Question 14:Do you like watching Barney?
No! Get away from me!
I love that show!
It's an okay show

Question 15:Do you THINK you're an alien?
No way!

This Quiz has been designed by Melissa.