What Type of Alien are You?
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What Type of Alien are You?

You know you are an alien. Now find out what type you are. Are you a grey? How about a reptilian. Oh, I see, you are a Nordic. No, well maybe you are a jumbled up pile of parts. Whatever your type you'll enjoy this quiz!

Question 1:Why do you exist?:
I exist to conquer and rule over!
I exist to be misunderstood.
I am forever in pursuit of knowledge!
I exist only to help and share knowledge with the humans.

Question 2:You see a human, you:
Silently observe them.
Abduct them, and perform tests.
Try to approach them, only to have them run away screaming.
Snap their neck, and eat their remains.

Question 3:You can:
Use psychic channels to send messages.
Move my mismatched body parts around in a strange way.
Use my enormous strength to crush the humans.

Question 4:You came from:
A meteor.
A galaxy far, far away.
Zeta Reticuli.

Question 5:Why are you here?:
I don’t know.
To crush the humans and take back what is rightfully mine!
To possibly breed a stronger race consisting of human and alien DNA, and to ask for future assistance in freeing our race.
To help the humans and greys.

Question 6:What do you look like?:
I’m humanoid in form.
I’m kind of scaly.
I’m a pile of parts for Pete’s sake!
I’m short and gray.

Question 7:Are you hostile?:
Nada. I'm just misunderstood.

Question 8:Another Name for your race is:

Question 9:Your base is located in:
A shed.
I don’t have a base!

Question 10:How tall are you?:
Maybe 6’ give or take.
About 4’ 6”.
It varies.
Probably about 5’6”.

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