Are you an alien?
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Are you an alien?

Have you noticed a greenish tinge about you lately? Do you have pangs for the homeland when watching E.T.? Ever wondered why people stared at your third eye? The answer is here. Take the quiz to find out if You Are An Alien.

Question 1:   If you had a mode of transport, what would it be?
Flying saucer
Puh-lease. I can telepathically transport myself already.

Question 2:   What is your favourite T.V. show?
Star Trek
Halloween Simpsons
Dawsons Creek

Question 3:   So what do you do in your free time?
Take pictures of ballons and tell people they are U.F.O.s
Return to the mother ship
Moisturise. Green skin takes alot of looking after.

Question 4:   What is your style?
Jeans and a T-shirt
Whatever a celebrity is wearing
I don't need clothes, my skin is one inch thick.
I dress similarly to Spock

Question 5:   What is your favourite animal?
Xenon (the two headed, four winged bird)
Something wild and savage-like a lion
Something exotic and strange-like a gold legged tree frog
Anything cute and fluffy-like a puppy

Question 6:   Which T.V. character can you most relate to?
Zebedee from the Magic Roundabout
Kodos from the Simpsons
Pheobe from Friends
Winnie the Pooh

Question 7:   What is your favourite food?
Compressed and liquefied mushrooms
I don't eat. I absorb energy from the sun.

Question 8:   What is your most complimented feature?
My hair
My third head
My butt
My cat yellow eyes

Question 9:   If you were stranded on a desert island what would you take?
My integrated contacting system is all I need
Baked beans
Lap top

Question 10:   Finally, why did you do this test?
My friend showed it to me.
I like to laugh. Ha-ha.
This is my last chance, when my planet takes over your Earth, there will be no more tests.
This is a test?

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