Are you a bitch?
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Are you a bitch?

Ever wonder if you were a bitch? Well, you just might be, so take this quiz and find out!

Question 1:You are on the cheerleading squad. (No, this does not automatically make you a bitch) Someone suggests a cheer she thinks would be good to use in the next game. You hate the cheer. What do you say?
You let her know you didn't like the cheer, while giving her a disgusting look, and tell her there is nooo way you will be performing that cheer. It may be harsh, but someone's gotta be upfront with her.
Sit quietly and say nothing. You don't want anyone to think bad of you.
Consider everyone else's opinion. If the majority seem to like it, go with it; it won't kill you. You are pretty flexible.
Tell her you don't want to do the cheer because it looks bad. Besides, you have better ideas, and everyone's entitled to their opinion.

Question 2:There is a huge party, and all your friends are going together. You have to come an hour after them because you were stuck babysitting your sister. When you get there, you see your friends, but they don't see you. What do you do?
Realize that they are having fun at the party, so you take charge and say hi to them first. You love your friends!
Feel neglected but you just kind of sit on the couch and wait for them to see you. You don't want to interrupt their fun.
Get a little mad they didn't notice you. You begin to wonder if they are your true friends, after all real friends always notice you.
Get pissed off and assume they are trying to ignore you, so you ignore them for about an hour. How could they NOT see you come in?

Question 3:You and your friends are all at the mall. While one of your friends is getting food, you go into your favorite store. Your friend meets you in the store and asks you if they have cool clothes in there. Your response...
Say "Uhhh.. we're in the store." She can look herself. You aren't supposed to know her opinion.
Just give her a casual..."yeah.." Later on you can tell all of your friends how lazy she was being.
Say, "Yeah, it's pretty cool." Then ask her what she thinks of it. You love listening to other peoples opinions.
Give her your honest opinion of the store. You guys are friends and love sharing opinions!!

Question 4:Have you ever been called a bitch?
Not to my face, or at least not that I know of.
Yeah, a few times. But who hasn't?
Heck no!! Nobody would ever call me that.
Yes, plenty of times by people and possibly a friend. Hey, it's not my fault they think that!

Question 5:How often do you bitch?
Plenty of times in a day.
Oh, maybe once a week or so.
Once or twice a day.

Question 6:Do you give dirty looks?
Yeah, some people deserve it. Besides, nobody is perfect.
If I am extremely pissed off at someone, maybe I will throw a look in.
If I have a good reason to, of course.
No, dirty looks don't help anything.

Question 7:What is your social life like?
Most of the time I talk to my close friends, but once in a while I talk with someone I don't know to well if I have a reason to.
I prefer to only talk to my close friends. Friends should spend time together and you really don't have time to get to know more people.
I talk to anyone and everyone, and I am really nice to them, even when I feel like being a little mean. It is kind of hard for me to stand up to people.
I talk to my close friends, and people I don't know very well. I like to get to know other people.

Question 8:Somebody tells you that you look a little chubby in the pants you are wearing. What do you say?
Give them a nasty "Fuck you." If they're being mean to you, you can be mean back. They need to know not to mess with you.
Tell them they don't look so great themselves. Some people are so rude!
Don't say anything, but cry when you go home, and never wear the pants again.
Gently tell them you hurt your feelings, but you respect their opinion. Hey, some people just have different opinions.

Question 9:Do you talk about some of your friends behind their backs?
Sometimes. It helps you to get your feelings out.
Yeah, but everyone does.. and plus I only talk about them when they do something that pisses me off. And I make sure I make the person look bad. They deserve it.
I ONLY say good things about all of my friends.
Rarely. Only when something happens that really needs to be talked about.

Question 10:When someone makes a suggestion that you don't agree with, what do you do?
Listen to their opinion and tell them you feel the same. You don't want to cause a dispute.
Tell them your opinion. You know once they hear it they will agree with you.
Consider their opinion, and nicely suggest your own. Maybe you guys can compromise.
I usually find myself getting defensive. I have my own opinions and I don't want to consider others.

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