Are you a bitch?
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Are you a bitch?

Ever wondered what people really think of you? If they think you are really nice, Ok, or a complete and utter bitch! Well take this test to determine how other people see you.

Question 1:How many good friends do you have?
0 - I am a nigel no friends.
One really close friend.
A small group of friends.
A large group of friends.
I am friends with everyone.

Question 2:Would you cancel a HOT date for a friend in need?
Of course! What sort of friend do you think I am.
Never. Come on, this guy is hot.
Depends who the friend was.
Only if it was my best friend.
Yeah most likely! But I would make the dat another time.

Question 3:If a nerdy guy asked you out what would you say?
Yes because you feel sorry for him.
No I dont think so, Im not interested.
I'm really sorry but I have a boyfriend (even if you dont)
Id much prefer to stay friends.
Yeah right, you are a loser!

Question 4:There's a really cool party happening but the thing is your parents wont let you go. You are really pissed off. What do you do?
Yell and scream and sneak out later on anyway.
Yell and scream but end up staying home feeling sorry for yourself.
Ask once if you can go and then accept their decision and dont say anything more about it.
Give your parents the Guilt Trip.
Voice your opinion calmly and accept their decision.

Question 5:How often do you fight with your parents.

Question 6:On weekends what do you do?
Stay home by yourself and dont associate with family or friends.
Spend all weekend at with your friends.
Go to huge parties with heaps of people.
Stay home and talk to friends on the phone and spend time alone
Occasionally go out but sometimes stay at home.

Question 7:What do you do if you know someone has a crush on you.
Say hi to them and make an effort to get to know them.
Ignore them
Tell them off
Ask them out, to make them feel good.
Say hi but dont go out of your way to talk to them.

Question 8:Do people that scab money annoy you.
No you always give them some
Yes, you tell them to get lost (to put it nicely)
Yep, Say you dont have any money (even if you do)
They annoy you but you dont give any money out
yeah but you give them money sometimes to get rid of them.

Question 9:Do you think you are a bitch??
When you want to be
Yes! Always
Not often
No, Im nice all the time.

Question 10:If someone calls you something what do you do?
Say it back
Trip them over
Punch them in the head and break their nose
Ignore it

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