Evil clowns
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Evil clowns

Are clowns really evil and out to get you?

Question 1:Do you find clowns scary to look at?
Just alittle bit annoying.
No. I think they're funny.
Oh yeah. They always smiling.
They're going to eat me.

Question 2:Does they're smiling hiding something?
OH yeah. what else are smiles for?
Oh hell yes. Noone can always be happy.
No. It makes me smile.
They're funny.

Question 3:What is your reaction when a clown comes up to you?
Can't sleep clowns will eat me.
Run like hell.
Smile and ask them to tell me a joke.

Question 4:Someone where to hire a clown for your birthday party and you found out, would you show up?
No. I wouldn't hide at home.
Move out of the country.
Yeah. They're funny.
I love clowns!

Question 5:You're locked in a room with some clowns, how do you feel?
Need to get out. They're gonna eat me.
Hide in the closet.
Start looking for who has the cream pie.
Give them a hug.

Question 6:Do you think clowns are evil aliens?
It's possible.
No. I love Bozzo.
Clowns rock.
Yeah. We're lese did they come from.

Question 7:Would you ask Bozzo for his autograph?
Uh, no.
Sure. He's so funny
Rock on

Question 8:If you saw a clown in the car next to you, what would you do?
Turn down another road.
Shrug shoulders. Clowns are alright.
Smile and give him the peace sign.
Step on the gas and get as far away as possible.

Question 9:You want to learn how to juggle, would you take lessons from a clown?
You have got to be kidding.
Why would I want to learn to juggle?
Hell no
Sure. Why not.

Question 10:Do you think this quiz is stupid?
It's alright.
No. Its funny.
Dude, I'm sleeping.
It rocks big time.

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