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So...the fact we've even had to make this category indicates that some of you wonder whether or not you're "dumb." Well, we hate to disappoint you, but absolutely no one is 100 percent dumb. Everyone is gifted at something, and some people are gifted at a number of things (those lucky jerks!).
It's simple, really - dumbness is relative (and some relatives are definitely dumb, if your family is anything like ours!). You might be less smart than the next person you meet, or way smarter than the person you just met. Make sense? And who's to judge, anyway? We all have our dumb moments, no matter how high our IQs or strong our common sense might be.
See what we're saying? Of course, you might not seriously be wondering if you're dumb at all - maybe you're just here to goof around and have some fun. That's the best way to approach anything in life! Anyway, whatever brought you here, dig in to our Dumb Test category for some good, dumb fun right now!

Why so serious? These tests will make you laugh!

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The Idiot Test - Got some \

The Idiot Test - Got some "idiot-syncracies"? Test yourself now!

Think You\'re Stupid Sometimes? Take This Dumb Test & See!

Think You're Stupid Sometimes? Take This Dumb Test & See!

Bet You Can\'t Pass This Dumb Test!

Bet You Can't Pass This Dumb Test!

Fun and fun

Are you more smart or dumb?

Fun and fun

Are You an idiot?

Fun and fun

Are you dumb?

Fun and fun
Fun and fun
Fun and fun

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