Are you an idiot?
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Are you an idiot?

Have you ever suspected that you or someone close to you is an idiot? Take this test to see how much of an idiot you really are!

Question 1:How did you find this test?
By going on the internet. Duh!
It was an accident.
Someone told me that I really needed to take this test.
What was the question??

Question 2:What kind of grades did you (or do you) get in school?
A's, mostly
A's, B's
Mostly B's and C's
D's, F's
Special Ed. doesn't have grades

Question 3:When someone asks you a question, what do you do?
Answer it (correctly, of course)
Answer it (I may not get it right, but I gave it and effort)
Get it wrong
Pick my nose and drool

Question 4:Do you actually know how to work a computer?
I'm so good, I might as well have invented it myself
Pretty well
What's a computer?

Question 5:What color was George Washington's white horse?
Uuuuuummmm, red?
What's a horse?

Question 6:What's two times two?

Question 7:Are you using a mouse right now?
Someone else is doing this for me
Mice are fuzzy

Question 8:Have you ever gotten Honor Roll in school?
All the time!
Once in a while
Special Ed. didn't have Honor Roll

Question 9:Who is Jack Handey?
I don't know
A guy who writes cool sayings
a freak

Question 10:Who was George Washington?
Founder of our nation
The guy on the dollar bill
I don't have a clue

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