Are you a freak?
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Are you a freak?


Question 1:What do you think of when someone having a dramatic conversation says that they have a jar of tears beside their bed because they cry themselves to sleep?
Hey neat. A jar of tears.
Wow, that must be really salty.
AAWW how sad.
This is boring.

Question 2:Have you ever talked to yourself about yourself?
Once or twice.

Question 3:When something happens in front of you that isn't funny, in your mind, do you finish the scene so that it is funny and laugh outloud?
Yes, it makes life more interesting
Yes, but I didn't laugh outloud
Not really
I'm going to bed

Question 4:If someone asked you to just start talking about something, what do yo do?
So, this one day, I was talking to this guy...
I hesitate, then talk about the weather
I stare blankly at them
...and I says Guy....
I walk away

Question 5:I'm ordering pizza, do you want any?
Oh, let me talk to Bob!!
Does this have anything to do with the test?

Question 6:Who would win, Darth Maul, Darth Vader or Darth Sidious?
Darth Maul
Darth Sidious
Darth Vader
Whoever wrote this test

Question 7:Do you encourage your computer when it's loading up?
Steady as she goes
What's there to lose?
What do you think I am?
Noooooo. Yeeeeesssss.

Question 8:Are you a Goth?
I don't know, talk to my employer. His number is 666
What's that?
I don't like vegetables.
I was in a sewer once...

Question 9:Have you ever been angry at someone and when they asked you why, you honestly didn't know?
You too?
Evil Knomes stole my shoes
No, I at least know why
Not honestly

Question 10:Freaky freaks on freaky street... is an example of...
A freak's way of life
I was told not to talk to strangers

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