Are you geeky?
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Are you geeky?


Question 1:You run home from school one day. What TV show do you watch?
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Bob the Builder
Blues Clues
Sponge Bob
Will & Grace

Question 2:Your favorite singer(s) are?
Britney Spears
Steve and Blue, of course.
Vivian and Tony on Out of the Box.
Avril Lavigne
Um, that guy who sings on my Beauty & the Beast karaoke CD.

Question 3:You forget to study for a quiz one day. Do you cheat?
NO!!! How wrong.
Maybe. If I feel like it.
Duh. Of course
That's only my daily school routine.
Me? Forget to study? Ha! Never.

Question 4:Your favorite book(s) are?
Any books with pictures.
I hate reading.
Harry Potter
Oh, my, must I choose? It's just so difficult! :(

Question 5:You spend most of your time...
At the movies with your friends.
Studying in your room.
Studying at the library.
Hugging pigeons.
Covering the local subway wall with graffiti.

Question 6:You hear voices inside your head. What do you think?
Oh no. I'm losing my sanity. I'd better go see a doctor.
"That's just my conscience, silly"
Those are the little men that live in my head. Their names are Bob, Willy and Albert. They're quite nice.
Um what? there's nothing in my head...
That's probably Britney Spears.

Question 7:You spend your $20 on what?
Cast recordings!!!! WOO HOO!
The latest pop CD.
Peanuts. I feed the pigeons in the park.
Admission to the local zoo to visit my elephant family.

Question 8:Your website?
What website? I don't have time for that stuff.

Question 9:Who's in your email address book?
All the members of the school's Computer Club.
All 328032 of your friends.
No one. Just myself.
A few people, I guess. They're losers, though.

Question 10:If you had a dog, what would you name him?
Cookie Dough
Sk8er Boi
Dog? No way. I have a pigeon.

Question 11:What is your nickname?
I don't have a nickname. I have no friends.
Princess Popular

Question 12:Your favorite ice cream flavor?
Rocky Road!
Bubble gum.
Ice cream's not good for you.
I always give my ice cream to my pigeons.

Question 13:Cake frosting?
Peanut pigeons' favorite.
Um, cake's bad for you.
I love any kind of frosting.

Question 14:Do you have glasses?
Are you kidding me? No way!
No I have contacts.
Um...yeah. I read too much, I guess.
Yes! I LOVE my glasses.
Of course not. Britney doesn't have them, does she?

Question 15:Finally, do YOU find yourself geeky?
What kind of a question is that!? *slap*
No. Geekier than Britney.
Yeah! I'm proud of it.
Pigeon. Pigeon pigeon pigeon pigeon pigeon pigeon pigeon pigeon pigeon pigeon pigeon pigeon pigeon.
I'm not telling you!

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