Are you the biggest geek in the world?
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Are you the biggest geek in the world?

Do the students in your school call out “NERD ALERT, NERD ALERT!” when you walk down the hallway? If your not sure take this test and find out if you should join the chess club or sign up for acting in the next NERDS movie.

Question 1:   Are you in the chess club?
yes, that’s where me and my friends always hang out!
is this a tell the truth quiz or make up something that sounds cool quiz?
do people actually play chess in those clubs
no, way I would never be caught dead in one of those

Question 2:   When you wake up in the morning, what do you put on for the day?
trousers with suspenders, a tie and a newly ironed shirt
whatever’s in style duh!
something that won’t make others point at me and laugh
a pair of jeans, a t-shirt or whatever I can find in the closet

Question 3:   is this a tell the truth quiz or make up something that sounds cool quiz?
no, but I where contacts
actually the specific name for them are spectacles
yes, but they are so cool
no, but I am trying to ruin my vision so I can get them and be like all my nerdy friends

Question 4:   Where do you eat lunch at school?
I go to the mall because everybody knows only nerds eat cafeteria food
outside, by myself so I can study the nature of black widows
wherever my friends want to go
in the science lab so I can have extra time to work

Question 5:   What do you spend your weekend doing?
going on a date
going to the science fair
going to a party
going to a chess tournament

Question 6:   When your teacher picks partners for a project what does an average person say when they get you?
yes! I don’t have to do any work!
I always get stuck with the losers
my partner’s not that bad at least

Question 7:   When you’re at a sleepover, what T.V. show would you and your friends be watching?
National Geographic
whatever all the cool kids watch

Question 8:   Your nickname at school is
your nobody so you don’t have one
King Nerd
Cool Dude

Question 9:   Your favourite movie is
Barney and friends
the Replacements
National Geographic: A World of Wonder
the Fast and the Furious

Question 10:   For your birthday you go to
the Space and Science center
an amusement park
a swimming pool

Question 11:   You spend most of your time
studying the life cycle of the black widow
replaying chess moves inside of your head
not really sure
talking to friends

Question 12:   Your favourite animal is
black widow
whatever’s in style

Question 13:   What do you want to be when you grow up?
whatever is in style
not sure yet
a specialist on the black widow
a professional chess player

Question 14:   Your favourite subject is
recess or break
home ech

Question 15:   Do you think you are a nerd?
the name is not nerd, it is an intellect
yes, kind of
no way dude!
me, no

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