Is There A Ghost In My House?

At times, do you feel a presence you can't explain in your house? Could it possibly be a ghost? Lots of people wonder about this. Is it just a figment of your imagination, or do you maybe have a sixth sense? Fill out this simple test and find out instantly if you're paying rent for a spirit freeloader! ;)

  • 1
    Do you ever feel unexplained cold or hot spots in your house?
  • 2
    Has something ever turned on/off without being touched (for example, a toy turns on by itself)?
  • 3
    Have any objects ever moved without explanation?

  • 4
    Have you ever seen fog take shape, or orbs of light inside pictures? Have you ever made out the outline of a person?
    Have you ever seen fog take shape, or orbs of light inside pictures? Have you ever made out the outline of a person?
  • 5
    Have you ever heard/recorded any strange sounds?
  • 6
    Is your house old, did somebody ever die in it, do you live near a graveyard, or did someone close to you recently die?

  • 7
    Have you ever felt a presence in a certain room, or have you ever felt something touch you when no one was around?
  • 8
    Do your pets/human family members act weird around certain parts of the house?
  • 9
    Can you explain any of these phenomena (odd occurrences)?
  • 10
    Do you believe in ghosts? Do you think there is a ghost in your house?

Comments (218)


61 days ago
There’s a ghost in my house and I don’t know how to feel I mean my sister found her blanket and part of her stuffed animal sticking out from under her closet door and she didn’t put them their she hasn’t gone in there since also I hear my boots walking down the hall in the morning and I am the first one to get up
64 days ago
Oddly enough there is a ghost in my house, I tried mind communicating and I heard a voice in my head when nobody was talking & it was a voice I had never heard in my life
82 days ago
I think there is totally many ghosts in this house and this is going to prove it! thank you test you are a great test! I like you a lot mr.test
82 days ago
hello , it’s strange isn’t it ?. 🧐🧐🧐
89 days ago
Hello. Me too. I always hear somthing in my attic...
95 days ago
I might have a ghost in my house ? 👻👻
96 days ago
Alyssa (14804) Don’t be scared , it’s fine not all ghosts are bad some just want to be friends 🙂
107 days ago
Yaaaaaaay i cane now have a ghost friend 👉👈
115 days ago
I’m scared😭😭
132 days ago
I have seen the presence of my great grandad I’ve seen a girl up a tree and no one else saw her and the wind stopped when I was standing next to my great grandmothers lilac tree!!
Also a psychic said to my mum that I was crystal baby ?
134 days ago
I have already searched for mysteriously gone things and saw things moving by their own ;).
139 days ago
yEa Im geTtIng oUt oF ThIs HoUsE
140 days ago
144 days ago
Ready for your result? You might have a ghost. Try to communicate with it, maybe by asking it yes/no questions and telling it to do something for "yes" and something for "no." Tell it to do something to prove that it's in the room. Whatever you do, be nice! If you don't have any more signs that you have a ghost, then it is gone. If the ghost doesn't do anything bad, it is most likely good, so try to be its friend! If anything really serious happens, get help! Good luck!

i know a ghost is in my house because i have felt it like watching me sleep its creepy af!
144 days ago
I fill like someone is waching me
159 days ago
My screen was moving it was scary
And my screen made a weird noise
When I was outside a foot was sitting up!
160 days ago
black shadow shape walk twice then stopped maybe next year will do again
wait and see
169 days ago
There is a ghost living in my house but no one believes that there is. I wish it's a good ghost not any other body
188 days ago
Yay! There is a ghost living with meh! We can be besties!
193 days ago
So, I was positive there's a spirit in my house -and I know there is-. Around a few months ago when I was home alone I went into the living room in the house, and I saw a (pretty tall) black figure crouched in the middle of the floor, and it disappeared when I blinked!