Can You Be A Hero?
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Can You Be A Hero?

Heroes are rare these days. Not everyone is willing or able to fight the good fight. What about you? Do you have what it takes to save the world, rescue the girl and wear the shining armor? Take the test to find out where you stand.

Question 1:Under what circumstances would you get into a full-blown fight with someone?
If they really pushed me into it by insults, threats, etc.
If I had some of my friends to back me up.
If they looked at me cross-eyed. Punks.
If I or my love ones were threatened and there were few other options.
If they attacked me first.

Question 2:Some drunken guy hits his girlfriend in a bar late one night. He tells you that it's none of your business. What do you do?
Me and my friends would surround the guy and demand he stops.
Break a pool cue over the guy's face, drag him out back and show him how much you hate guys like him.
Go to the bartender and tell him to call the cops if the guy hits her again.
Say, "It doesn't have to be my business. Touch her again and I'm calling the cops."
Try to ignore it. You got to stay out of stuff like this and let the professionals take care of it.

Question 3:You see someone drop his or her groceries all over the ground. What do you do?
Keep walking. Someone else will help them.
Look around to see if anyone is going to help out.
Punch the guy standing next to you, just in case he actually tripped that shopper and you didn't see it.
Stop and help.
Ask if they would like a hand.

Question 4:Given the choices, which one of these actors do you look up to the most?
George Clooney
Bruce Lee
Edward Norton
Danny Glover
Charles Bronson

Question 5:Which one of these skills would you most want to have?
Pick a lock.
Speak more than one language.
Reload quicker.
Land a plane.
Stunt driving.

Question 6:If a serious and sudden danger presented itself, what would you do?
Hit the floor and cover your head.
Dive to the ground and look to see where the danger is coming from.
Duck behind a wall and look and see if anyone is hurt.
Hit the deck and cover the person next to you.
Pull out your sidearm and empty the clip into your target.

Question 7:Lie much?
Doesn't apply. You answer to nobody.
Probably about as much as anybody else.
Never seem to have to.
Not if I can help it.
Only if I have to.

Question 8:If a car was barreling down the street towards someone, what would you do?
Jump and pull the person out of harm's way.
Yell a warning at them.
Fire several warning shots at the driver's head.
Yell and try to get the car's attention.
"Honestly, I'd probably be too surprised to do anything."

Question 9:Someone challenges you to a fight over a rather mundane matter. Now what?
Tell the guy that if he messes with you, he messes with your friends.
Ignore the guy. This is hardly a good reason to fight.
No one challenges me to a duel and walks away without a limp.
You only fight when you have to...not over something like this.
Depends on the situation. I'd know what to fight over.

Question 10:Would you storm the gates of Hell to rescue someone you love?
I've actually done it.
I'd have to use every weapon and ally at my disposal.
Yes, I would.
Yes. Those demon's wouldn't stand a chance against my determination.

Question 11:Can you take a punch?
I could take a bullet in the chest and ask for more.
Probably, but it'd hurt like crazy.
I wouldn't know.
I'm sure I could.
You bet.

Question 12:What kind of fight would you rather have?
Doesn't matter. If I have to fight, I'd fight in any condition.
One on one. A level playing field is the best way to go.
I could take the world on. Actually, I'd prefer it.
I couldn't tell you.
Group fight. My guys against your guys.

Question 13:How would people describe you?
One of the guys.
Boy Scout.
Best Friend.
Armed and Dangerous.
Nice Guy.

Question 14:Who is your favorite James Bond character?
I don't really have a favorite.
Bond. James Bond.
They're all pretty cool.
The henchman.
I like Q.

Question 15:What kind of movie do you prefer.
Whatever strikes my fancy.
WAR MOVIE! I love the smell of napalm in the morning!
A good date movie.

Question 16:Would you ever consider learning how to ride a horse?
I suppose.
Yeah. Might be useful.
Horse? How about a tank?
What for?
I don't know.

Question 17:How ethical would you say you are?
I have my own personal standards.
Morals interfere with my aim.
More than most people.
Pretty ethical.
Probably as much as anybody else.

Question 18:What would you take with you on an expedition in the wilderness?
Whatever my guide tells me to bring.
Probably not a machete. I'd take a flame-thrower.
Anything I might need in an emergency.
Plenty of supplies and extra essentials.
Rugged clothes, machete, map...bare essentials.

Question 19:Do you scare easily?
Fear is for people who can't kill someone six different ways with their bare hands.
Sure, sometimes. Who doesn't?
Yeah, I guess I get scared every now and then.
Not really.
I'd like to think I'm pretty solid.

Question 20:Do you know how to use a gun at all?
No, but I'd like to learn.
I could figure it out.
Is the Pope Catholic?
Sure do.
Not really.

Question 21:Do you own a bomber-style leather jacket?
All my clothes are made out of Kevlar.
I own a cool jacket, but it's not leather.
Uhh, they're pretty expensive.
How'd you know?

Question 22:If you did something wrong, what would you do?
Feel guilty about it.
Try to cover it up.
Hope no one notices.
Take responsibility.
Eliminate the witnesses.

Question 23:Could you ever take a life?
I'd have to say no.
Not if I could ever possibly avoid it.
Only if I had to.
Way ahead of you.
I don't know.

Question 24:What's your view on romantic relationships?
I've got the same expectations as anybody else, I suppose.
I love my weapons. Does that count?
I'm open.
I've loved a few special people.
One true love is my dream.

Question 25:Your best friend gets in trouble with the law and comes to you for help. What do you do?
Let him hide in your armored bunker.
Help him hide. My friends are priority.
Try to convince him to turn himself in and learn from his mistake.
It depends. I wouldn't want to betray my friend.
Try to help him, but don't get involved.

Question 26:How would you describe yourself?
I'll come to your rescue.
I'm just like you.
I'm a nice guy.
I'll back you up.

Question 27:What's your favorite movie line out of the selection below?
I have no particular favorites.
"Come with me if you want to live." (Terminator)
"Snakes. I hate snakes." (Raiders of the Lost Ark)
"Go ahead...Make my day" (Dirty Harry)
"I'm your worst nightmare." (Rambo)

Question 28:Do you hold the door open for people?
With these explosive shells, I can make my own door!
Yeah, sometimes.
For my friends.
Maybe for my date or something.

Question 29:Would you stick to your principles if it meant your death?
Without question.
It depends on the situation, but I'd say yes.
Nothing is worth dying for.
Ask my enemies. That scenario happens to them more often.
I'd stick to my principles, but not if it meant my death.

Question 30:What would you say is your greatest flaw?
I've a couple of them.
My pride.
My indecisiveness.
The fact that I run out of ammo.
My fear of being alone.

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