What Kind of Hero are you?
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What Kind of Hero are you?

Everyone is a hero at heart, what kind of hero are you?

Question 1:You are found in a tavern, doing what?
Sitting alone, not wanting to do anything with anyone, being antisocial because of some deep-rooted traumatic past
Making a scene by trying to convince people you slayed some big beast
One of the people listening to the boaster wishing you were also a hero

Question 2:All of a sudden, the tavern is torn into by a giant dragon. You...
Jump into action reluctantly
Jump into action and then after being hurt, hide behind a table and pray that your mommy comes and beats up the dragon.
Accidentally get involved in the fight as you sneak out and then you realise that you like the antisocial guy who is fighting the dragon.

Question 3:After the fight you...
Are annoyed that the dragon interrupted your drink and having disposed of him with ease, sit down and finish your drink.
Jump out from behind the table and start to brag about your newest victory.
Begin to annoy the antisocial guy about his past and other subjects he is touchy about

Question 4:You leave the tavern, you are...
Being followed by some cheery little character that makes you sick with their annoying little cheerleader act.
Walking away either alone after being laughed at by all the people who saw the fight, or surrounded by women who didn't see the fight.
Chasing after and annoying the hell out of the antisocial guy.

Question 5:You are walking through the forest, carrying...
A sword, or gun or weapon of some kind
Your after sex cigar
Different Healing magic

Question 6:You come across some princess who wants you to do a job. You...
Ask for money and only accept because for some strange reason you are attracted to this person.
Accept out of fake chivalry and then attempt having sex with her
Give her a dirty look, she's obviously trying to take your spot as the antisocial guy's sidekick

Question 7:You and the princess are walking, you are...
Trying to figure out why you feel attracted to this person despite your antisocial personality.
Are rubbing your face from the latest slap she has given you.
Are still giving the girl a dirty look, you are developing a crush on the antisocial hero, why is she butting in?

Question 8:You come across the castle the princess wants you to save. you...
Walk in ready to do anything because you have fallen in love with the princess.
Cower a bit and walk in because the princess calls you a coward
Are brave, unlike the princess who is somewhat afraid and barge in.

Question 9:You get in the castle and encounter another dragon. You...
Dispose of the dragon easily and grumble about how annoying the dragon thing is getting and thinking of ways to destroy all of the entire dragon race.
Cower and get eaten, oh well, no one seems to miss you anyway.
Are developing a crush on the fake hero who dies and you cry and help kill the dragon.

Question 10:The dragon is dead! afterwards you are...
Getting married to the princess and becoming her stalwart knight
Dead and being mourned for by the formerly cheery cheerleader who you talk to beyond the grave to and convince to have supernatural sex with you.
Are grieving over the fake hero and then have supernatural sex with his ghost.

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