What percent nerd are you?
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What percent nerd are you?

There are always nerds in your life. Whether they're computer nerds, brain nerds, or whatever...they're all nerds. Take this test to see what percent nerd you are!

Question 1:How many screen names do you have?
More than 1
More than 5
More than 10
More than 10?!?

Question 2:How many friends do you have?
Friends? What are friends?
I prefer to be by myself most of the time.
More than 15
More than 35
More than 50

Question 3:How many hours do you spend on the internet?
Internet? What the crap is the internet?
1 a day
More than 5 a day
More than 10 a day
I live on the internet!!

Question 4:What is 25 to the 90th power?
25 to the 90th power is 2
More than 50
More than 100
I'll have to calculate this on my Calculus 500x, professor

Question 5:What is your main purpose in life?
To download music
To live on my computer
To live up to what God wants me to be

Question 6:Do you have more than one computer?
Yes! One for everyday of the week
Yes. Why do you ask?
Only 1

Question 7:What type of music do you listen to?

Question 8:Do you spend more than 2 hours reading?
Yes! I'm a bookworm!
What's a book?

Question 9:Are you a nerd?
I'm a geek

Question 10:Do people call you a nerd?
Yes! And I am proud of it!
Yea...but I'm not a nerd

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