Are you a nerd???
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Are you a nerd???

Are you feeling kind of nerdy? Thought so. This test will determine whether you will ever get outside and talk to someone face to face or if you will be shackled to your computer forever! Good luck.

Question 1:Do you wear polyester?
Only underneath.
I wear whatever Mom buys me.
Yuck! Never.
What's polyester?
If my pocket protector fits, I'll wear anything.

Question 2:What is your favorite pickup line?
Have you seen the new Lord of the Rings yet? It's super!
Do you like my laptop?
Do I look anything like Captain Kirk to you?
Hey honey let me buy you a beer! Oh... sorry, sir!
Hi. My name is ___. How are you?

Question 3:What are you doing Saturday night?
Hanging out with friends or a significant other.
Getting a good night's sleep.
Watching Meg Ryan movies and crying.
Trying to find Britney's phone number online.
Dinner with Mom and Dad, then maybe some Parchesi.

Question 4:What is your favorite band of the following?
Beastie Boys
Blink 182

Question 5:Are you into Battle Bots?
I find them pretty entertaining.
I love Battle Bots!
Dude, Carmen Electra is HOT!

Question 6:What's your favorite movie out of the following?
Saturday Night Fever
Dude Where's My Car?
Star Wars

Question 7:Which of the following subjects do you prefer?
Home Ec
Working in the A.V. department after school

Question 8:How often do you shower?
At least once a day.
Whenever my glasses start sliding down my nose from all the grease on my face.
I avoid it.
Shower? I mean, that's for those sports guys, right?
I can't afford soap.

Question 9:When you were little, you were most entertained by:
Being creative or artistic
Playing WAR
Dungeons and Dragons
Erector Sets

Question 10:Hey man, what you driving?
I have this suped up Honda Civic. Man, she rocks.
A Buick Grand National
I can't drive
My mom's minivan
Who cares?

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